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The Hole in the Roof which brought down the FBI in Oregon

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This blog is interested in the Truth, as there is far too little of that in this world. So when it finds Truth, it does praise it in law enforcement which stops acting like the police state.

I commend the Deschutes County investigators into the murder of LaVoy Finicum. In that frenzy, and outrage of political pressure from the democratic governor, the FBI terrorizing the Citizens of Harney County, and the psychological warfare of Special Gregory Bretzing against Oregonians, the Bundy Patriots and Americans, it would have been easy to have a backwater county in America just be stunned by it all, and put a rubber stamp on the murder of Mr. Finicum, but something remarkable happened on the evening of that state execution of a Citizen, the Police in Deschutes County did their job.

In the confusion of those hours after the shooting, the Deschutes County investigators immediately became aware of something, which we may never ascertain how, but in this system of checks and balances, they accounted for every shot fired from Oregon State Police. Somewhere in this, which I will conclude, one or several of the State Police of Oregon in their statements recorded that they had heard the FBI firing.

I am going to give you an exclusive here which no one else will enlighten you on. When you watch the Shawna Cox iphone recording, you jump after LaVoy Finicum exits the vehicle with his arms raised in surrender, as immediately the back window explodes and the peoples scream.
We KNOW the Oregon State Police were firing AR 15 .223 caliber military rounds. For those who do not know the .223, it is small round and it snaps, so when you hear it, just like pistol rounds, it is distinct.

Wiki lists the weaponry which the HRT or Hostage Rescue Teams have:

Weapons utilized

FBI SWAT Teams carry a variety of weapons that are generally found in most other law enforcement and counterterrorist tactical teams. The following are some of the primary weapons of FBI SWAT:

The REMINGTON SNIPER RIFLES are what is the focus here, as that is what was most likely the firearm the FBI was shooting in a sniper location.

This rifle is the M 24 and here are the specs from the Remington site:

 Length  1,092.2mm (43")
 Barrel  416R Stainless Steel
 Twist  1/285.75mm (1/11.5")
 Rifling  5 radial land grooves
 Barrel Length  660.4mm (24")
 Barrel Finish  Powder-coated Rem-Tough
 Trigger  Adjustable External .9Kg-3.6kg
 Butt Plate Adjustment  50.8mm (2")
 Weight with sling  5.4 Kg (12.3 lbs.)
 Weight with scope  6 Kg (13 lbs.)
 Weight with sling and scope  6.3 Kg (13.85 lbs.)
 Combat weight (full mag)  6.5 Kg (14.25 lbs.)
 SWS Complete  24 Kg (64 lbs.)
 Calibers  7.62 Nato & 300 Win Mag
 Operation  Bolt Action
 Stock  Synthetic Aramid Fiber
 Effective Range (day scope)  800 meters
 Effective Range (night scope)  300+ meters
 Magazine  5-round, internal

As you can see, this rifle is 7.62 NATO or .308, and 300 Winchester Magnum. That is what the FBI was firing at LaVoy Finicum, and these are the difference between a firecracker and a cherry bomb going off. The .223 would not have blew out that window as it did, fired through the roof of that pick up from above. This was a 30 caliber cannon going off, and that is why everyone knew the FBI was blasting away as it was so loud.

The vehicle was stopped, so this was not shooting out tires or shooting out the engine block. This was a trained sniper who fired into a vehicle with passengers, two of them women, and this was a murderous shot, as the agent could not see what he was firing at. It was a deliberate act to murder the other male in the Finicum vehicle.

That is where Deschutes County is commended, because in all of this, their forensic team went over the Finicum pick up and they found that big hole in the roof which blew out that window. They immediately knew someone was lying and who it was, because Oregon State Police was firing .223 rounds and this was a 30 caliber hole which blew through the vehicle with an armor piercing round.

That is why Deschutes County investigators kept coming back and hammering the FBI agents, as they knew the FBI was lying to them, and that is what broke the FBI to ask for legal counsel.

The reality is, if the HRT shooter had not shot the vehicle, this would have never been known. In connect the dots, I believe the FBI was under orders and had given orders to flush LaVoy Finicum, so the police could assassinate those people in the vehicle when they exited the vehicle.
Those FBI shots were by design to get the Finicum group to start firing, so there would be justifiable cause to murder them all.

It makes a great deal more sense, why one can hear LaVoy Finicum scolding the law enforcement there to shoot if they intended to, because he had been fired upon when he drove off to find the Sheriff, he was fired upon by Oregon State Police at the blind roadblock ambush, and then when Mr. Finicum exited the vehicle to save the occupants as he had just saved the Oregon State Police and FBI by not crashing into them, he immediately heard that massive 30 caliber shot blowing by him, and shattering his back window.
We do not know when the second shot was fired by the FBI, if it was as trigger flinch shot to get Oregon State Police to begin shooting in response, or if it was at the same time as the window being shattered, but we do know that LaVoy Finicum knew blessed certain, that he was being targeted for murder.

If Inspector General Horowitz does his job in this investigation, and the charges match the piled up charges against the Bundy Patriots, then these 5 FBI HRT assassins will be charged with the following.

1 count reckless homicide
4 counts attempted homicide
5 counts lying to Deschutes County investigators
5 counts impeding a criminal investigation.
5 counts of conspiracy to prevent law enforcement officers from doing their job (That is what the Bundy Group is being charged with.)
5 counts of conspiracy to cover up the original crime
2 counts reckless discharge of a weapon with intent to do bodily harm.

 This does not include the lying, smearing, the propaganda which Gregory Bretzing engaged in, using his two moles to lie to the American public over this event, and to stampede the Patriots off of Malheur which endangered the entire region as 200 armed Citizens were fleeing for their lives.

This does not include the tasering of LaVoy Finicum, which is proof positive that he was murdered. In Mr. Finicum was either tasered before he was shot, meaning he should not have been shot, and meaning he did not produce a weapon to defend himself, but continued to surrender, or it means Mr. Finicum after he was shot 3 times, fighting for his life on the snow, was then tasered.

If the tasering occurred after Mr. Finicum was shot and incapacitated, and he should been receiving medical care to save his life, then the charge is Conspiracy to commit murder, and the charge elevates to torture and Murder in the First Degree with special circumstances.

The last details are important, because it changes the entire situation from life in prison, to death by lethal injection, as this is the stuff of Mengele Nazi horrors in crimes against humanity.

That is why it is refreshing and so troubling that Deschutes County investigators did such a professional job in this sea of terrorism against Americans, for it far too rare.

Immediately upon breaking the FBI, Deschutes Investigators informed the District Attorney, and then informed Special Agent Gregory Bretzing. With the Deschutes County DA involved, Bretzing could not bully nor cover up this crime, and was forced to report this to Internal Affairs at Justice......but you will notice that he withheld this vital information which would have assisted the Bundy Group being arraigned, and would have stopped the internet smear campaign against LaVoy Finicum. Instead Special Agent Gregory Bretzing continued with the deceptions and the hounding the Patriots, which then took on the wrath of  taking out the Sheriff of Grant County in a smear and the Justice Department attempting to silence the Attorneys for Ammon Bundy.

There must be resignations from the higher ups at Justice and the FBI over this murder and cover up. Gregory Bretzing must be brought before a Grand Jury, and these FBI agents involved in this, must be indicted on the above charges for Justice to begin in this horrid situation sullying American law enforcement and history.

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5 counts of armed terrorism in violation of the Patriot Act