Monday, March 14, 2016

Image of Beast Within

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you look at the resume photo above, of a multiple tattooed, unshaven, half a bottle of whiskey gone, hairy, wide eyed, male, would you:

  • Want them dating your son or daughter?
  • Trust them to water your plants when you are on vacation
  • Vouche for them to the police?
  • Hire them as your Pastor?
  • Listen to their advice?

I mean how many times do you see Franklin Graham with a bottle of scotch and looking like he just came out of a choom shop, hopped up on dope.

Image is a product. It is product which is seen, and if you want to convey a message you become that message.

If you are in court on a jury trial, would you be more prone to believe Franklin Graham in how he looks or more prone to convict Matt Walsh, who is pictured above, and was hired by Glenn Beck, the Mormon backer of Ted Cruz as the Christian moralist on that site bitching at Christians who vote for Donald Trump.

That is what I desire each of you to understand and start wondering, in why would Glenn Beck hire someone who looks like someone who would get your cat stoned while molesting your dog?

Is Matt Walsh the image of your Christianity? Is Matt Walsh the image of your Conservatism?

Think about that, in why would Big Koch run the money train to Mormon Glenn Beck, promoting someone like Ted Cruz who says God murdered Justice Scalia so he could be president and Heidi Cruz says the face of God is Ted Cruz, as Glenn Beck is calling for fasts, and saying that all the Evangelicals are going to hell for not voting for Ted Cruz as they attack Donald Trump?

Someone is sending a message about smearing Christians, and here it is Mormon Glenn Beck, the foreigner Ted Cruz and this drunkard Matt Walsh looking like a tattoo sodomite whore.

Image. Someone is smearing you, and making you look like a kook, and Glenn Beck and Matt Walsh are being rewarded with a great deal of money to do this.

You do recall right that Glenn Beck renounced membership in the Republican party not long ago? So why would Glenn Beck care if Ted Cruz is elected or Beck has turned his back on Republicans right?

It is image, and a great deal of money is being spent to have your image portrayed in forms of creatures which you would be repulsed by.

I can assure you that Beck's and Walsh's god in Ted Cruz dressed up in dude pants and Allen Harper shirts, with his gay boots, fools no one in the rural states, because it sends the message of how fake Ted Cruz is......again it is image and why is the image being sent.

If you look around, since Ronald Reagan left office, the word Conservative was targeted to be destroyed from George H. W. Bush, to Speaker Dennis Hastert and to Rush Limbaugh, in Conservative has been destroyed and that is exactly what was intended. Republicans have been so burned by "conservative frauds" like Ted Cruz, that they are now in process voting for a Nationalist like Donald Trump who is espousing pragmatic solutions and not political solutions.

Image was everything to St. Paul and warned over it. and God is very concerned about image in His Image is not to be replaced.

Glenn Beck hired Matt Walsh to replace the image of God in you, for this image which you instinctively recoil from in something that would vote for Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

It is always about image and when Matt Walsh has no concerns over his image sullying the image of Christ, then what does that say about Matt Walsh and his Mormon Glenn Beck employer, and Ted Cruz who is focused on image.