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How the Republican Elite will Steal the Nomination from Donald Trump

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus speaks at the ...

Editor's Note: This will be a stand alone post as it needs to be understood to the point of your actually reading it as your life literally depends upon it.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now my children, let me explain something in all of you should follow this link and actually read  the Republican Rule Book as it is online and available.

There has been some intrigue taking place behind the scenes in the GOPliters, and you have witnessed reports of John Kasich and Ted Cruz bribery of delegates in states to steal them from Donald Trump. That is what is taking place, along with the stunning news of Rule 40b no longer applies to this convention in a delegate must win 8 states to be in the nomination process, and this after it was sworn to by the GOP, including Reince Priebus, in respectable publications as Forbes, by reporter Rick Ungar, and it was NEVER CORRECTED, when it was designed to gain Mitt Romney in 2012 or Jeb Bush the nomination in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

According to the GOP rule book, the rule cannot be changed until the Republican National Committee holds its convention meeting in 2016. Unlike 2012 when Governor Romney had sufficient delegate strength to stack the rules committee, absent a candidate emerging with the capability to achieve majority wins in states throughout the nation, the 2016 rules committee gathering will bear representatives from the many candidates still in the game—meaning anything can happen.

Now suddenly, Reince Priebus is being quoted along with these other schemers  that Rule 40b no longer applies as the Washington Examiner in David M. Drucker, part of this new intrigue has released the real plot in the talking points.

This has led to erroneous reporting that only Trump has satisfied requirements for having his name placed in nomination at Cleveland, while Cruz and Kasich still have not. The misunderstanding stems from perplexity about the rules process.
Every four years, a rules committee comprised of elected convention delegates (about two from each state and territory delegation) meets during the week just prior to the convention to determine the regulations that will govern the convention. Every convention rules committee approves a rules package that includes regulations that determine eligibility for candidates to have their names placed in nomination on the convention floor.
Those rules apply only to that particular quadrennial convention.

In other words, they are moving the goal posts on the victor Donald Trump. Yes when Mitt Romney wanted to steal the Vice Presidency from Ron Paul at the 2012 AD in the year of our Lord convention, then the rules committee followed Mitt Romney's subterfuge, but when it comes to Donald Trump, the GOPliters are being Cassius in knifing Donald Trump in the back.

This is all about the way the Republican form of Government has been hijacked by the elites and NO ONE has explained this insider workings taking place, except the Lame Cherry again.......and not the booger backers allowed to post over at Conservative Treehouse and attack this blog and other bloggers.

There are three fights in this GOP convention. The Convention Masters in the rules committee who stack the convention. The Committeemen in charge of their delegates, as you see what Ted Cruz criminally conspired at in Louisiana, and then the floor managers of the convention who manage the delegates.
What I just told you exclusively is from the inside in a group I will call Area 51 from the west, and they noticed that several eastern states like Louisiana, Tennessee and South Carolina will be hijacked from Mr. Trump. Literally, Donald Trump won South Carolina, but is being conspired against to not get one vote at the convention.

I am going to walk you through something here, which Donald Trump can file an injunction over and there will be a hearing at the Supreme Court, and it is the rewriting of the rules before the convention, because what is taking place would be like your football team going through the playoffs, getting to the Super Bowl, and the NFL with all the other teams voted in new rules for your team only, that you could only score points by running the ball, backwards, crawling and you must give all 11 players on the defense the chance to strip the ball, while your defense will only be allowed to walk and not run, and tackle with one hand.

That is what changing the rules is. It is a disenfranchisement of the majority of voters who have voted for Donald Trump or had  their States stolen by Ted Cruz and John Kasich. It becomes more clear now for you to see, why they have been conditioning you with stories of Donald Trump falling short of delegates, and that is because states have had vote fraud, and Mr. Trump is having states like Louisiana and South Carolina stolen from him.
Hillary Clinton has been engaged in this same criminal subversion of votes from New Hampshire to Arizona.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What the GOP operates as is each of your States has a Chair person, and a committeeman and a committeewoman. It is these three delegates who will arrive the week before the GOP convention to vote on the rules to steal this from Donald Trump. I urge you, because I have just done this in writing this article, is for each of you to look up your Republican State Party, find out who these three people are, and contact each of them, respectfully expressing your concerns and asking for them to explain exactly what they are going to be doing or expecting in this rules committee set up.
This is our responsibility. This is something each of you can do at your state level to let the party heads know that you are aware of the situation and not pleased with the intrigue. I am not stating to avalanche mail your representatives, but if enough people start emailing, calling or writing respectfully, it will make them think twice about allowing any intrigue take place, as these delegates have to return to your communities and answer the majority of the voting population in their states as to why they subverted or allowed the subversion of the RNC.

I researched our three delegates and they are  more right wing than I am if that is possible. Each of you though has to become involved, as voting for Donald Trump or posting things for Donald Trump, does not amount to a fiddler's damn,  when it comes to talking to these key people, as these are the gatekeepers.
Find affinity with them and then express your concerns.

No one else told you any of this, and you have to ask why all your other god sites have not alerted you to any of this, nor told you how this intrigue is taking place, and how you can do something to save America. You are going to have to repost this. You are going to have to find your representatives at your party level, contact them, and then you are going to have to get your friends to do the same thing over the next months.
For God's sake though DO NOT publish the contact information of these committee people to antagonize them with a deluge of rants. In political terms, 1 contact is worth 1000 voters. Enough of you have family and groups you are a part of who could extend this out over the next months, as that is what needs to be done.

The GOPliters have now blurted out they are going to change the game, and have the rules to do it.

The Rules of the Republican Party, composed of the rules for the election and government of the Republican National Committee until the next national convention, the rules under which delegates and alternate delegates shall be allotted to the respective states in the next national convention, and the rules under which such delegates and alternate delegates shall be elected and under which contests shall be considered, and the rulesof business of this national convention

You have the rule book, so read it, and use it for Donald Trump in working with him. Someday I will tell you all you owe to the sappers in wire, while your asstard minders attacked this blog and posted hate in comments, a select few were accomplishing things to make this all seem like this was easy.

If you are part of a union or group in your state with clout, then by all means see if you can get your leadership to contact your delegates, as that kind of weight matters, as political parties are not about to bitch slap your police union as they need those votes for you GOP candidates in every district.

I am warning all of you to not watch Rule 40 as it has been obliterated, but instead you be prepared for Rule 32 as that is the one in which the convention can be stolen from Donald Trump.

Suspension of Rules
A motion to suspend the rules shall always
be in order, but only when made by authority of a
majority of the delegates from any state and seconded
by a majority of the delegates from each of seven (7)
or more other states severally.

Rule 32 means 8 states can obliterate the rules and the oligarchs seize overt control. Do not put this past the GOPliters as they are working every angle, and the angle above in rewriting the rules for nomination, are the current gambit, as literally we do not know what this 2016 Convention rules are until the committee writes them. Literally, they could pass a Rule banning anyone who was not previously elected to office from receiving the nomination.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter which no one else has exposed, and you have to ask again, why it is that only this popular girl is the only one, as there is now a movement to smear this site again at this critical juncture in your survival.

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