Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ted and Heidi Cruz Separated

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Senator Cruz’s denial of the trysts comes at a bad time for Cruz as Politifact recently tabulated the truthfulness of Cruz’s recent statements. Of 98 Cruz statements Politifact examined, only 6 were judged to be true – yup, Lying Ted only tells the truth about 6% of the time.

In the darkness of Ted Cruz, the real story is the cancer on his illegal presidential run started in February at the Iowa caucuses. The story and proof of Cruz's affairs was  well known and being censored by the STOP TRUMP MEDIA who have been protecting Cruz as a wedge against Donald Trump.

This literally is why Marco Rubio was sacrificed as Ted Cruz was the chosen wedge to tamper with votes at the GOP convention, as no one else is this smarmy.

Washington Times reporter Drew Johnson wrote on Twitter Thursday night: "COMING CLEAN: From what I know, at least 2 of the women named as Cruz mistresses by the National Enquirer are accurate."

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The Lame Cherry has come under attack in posts left up on the Conservative Treehouse, spreading lies about this blog, but I will remind all of you when the Lame Cherry broke this story, I stated that there were TEN individuals that Ted Cruz had had sex with in cheating on his wife, and now the National Enquirer has identified three more women to bring the number to 8.

I do know what in inquiry I am certain of, and those are things the E LINT who troll the internet, as everyone hates them in real life or they are employed stooges can not comprehend what this blog is about.

I will give you an exclusive of what inquiry says, what the matrix is saying, and that is the last time Ted Cruz cheated on Heidi Cruz was March 5th, and it was in the evening, and in celebration of the thefts of votes in Kansas and Maine.
Ted does not often celebrate election theft with a bang.

Inquiry states the female is not an employee, but a minder from a major player whose job description includes f*cking Ted to keep a lid on his out of control condition.

Watch the Koch ewe of Scott Walker. If Walker is forced to fall on the sword to endorse Cruz, it is telling as if Walker now runs for cover, how terminal the Ted Cruz cancer is. Walker is a party tool and his being forced for Cruz shows how expendable he is, and his running for cover, shows the rats are fleeing the Cruz love boat.

Apparently the media fix is in, because the American Spectator who could not push enough about Bill Clinton's dick has no arousal for Ted. But then, they did drop this note about Ted and Heidi Cruz are not living together.
They call that a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Because I don’t much care if it’s true. Given Heidi, I wouldn’t blame Ted. After all, she apparently refuses to live with him. And given Ted, I wouldn’t blame Heidi.

There is apparently a great deal of "face of God" and "Cruz family lies" being withheld from the voting public, as the E LINT trolls the internet pretending to be for Donald Trump, but instead are boogers for Ted.

The Cruz "marriage" which is being hidden from the public is one which appears to have Heidi Cruz on prescription happy pills and FH Buckley revealing a fact the propaganda press has been covering up, that Ted and Heidi Cruz are in as big a sham marriage as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Heidi and Ted Cruz are apparently horrid people and what you are witnessing in the Ted Stage Theater is two political operatives conning the  American People.

A hot blooded Cuban male, not living with his wife.  Those 10 individuals Ted cheated with sounds like a real story that has more than legs. Looks like Ted cheating.

The second part of the story came from the reporter who called me six months back. He told me that Cruz is privately irreligious, that he mocks his Evangelical supporters. I haven’t any reason to think this true, but I have found it sick-making to see pictures of him laying hands on supporters, or to listen to a sanctimonious Mitt Romney condemn Trump.

Someone should ask Ted Cruz about the lights.