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Try being your favorite Media for a Week

Lame Cherry: Mar 16, 2013

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality in the majority of internet trolls and surfers, that all of them think this just happens, and it is their right to sit in comfort and criticize all the work that goes on outside the regime sponsored propaganda and oligarch billionaire funded sites.  I will though included insider mic heads like Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in this, because none of this just happens, no more than America just happened by fiat.

Jeff  Rense who actually built a radio network is a good example. He did a story while working for the Mockingbird on aspartame, and Coca Cola had his boss screaming at him the next morning TO NEVER DO A STORY LIKE THAT AGAIN. If you ever are on Rense's site, you will see a great deal of ads, but daily he has the best link for stories outside of Matt Drudge. That just does not happen, as he does 5 days a week in a 3 hour show, manages his radio network of other hosts, and that takes 16 hours a day out of 24 hours.
When one realizes it was something probably that Tim Rifat blurted out unknowingly on a show, that caused Mr. Rense to have an assassination attempt made on him, in a vehicle crash, that left his brain and spinal column full of blood, it is a reality that Americans are at risk, and working themselves to death, just to bring this platform to you, as it requires GENERATION of stories to fill all of this up, and that only comes from platforms in alternative media as nothing is reported in the Mainstream any longer.

Larry Nichols, is a name you might remember in being the Clinton's Hammer. He turned his back on all of that wealth and security, and now is surviving from cancer in his body, and struggles to do a show on the Rense program daily. Do you think being in poverty and beating cancer, that you could get up and do this in fighting for America, or the real question is for the E LINT who joins at little corners as on Conservative Treehouse to spew things about writers like myself, just how asstard they are in not realizing that all of this internet happens, because people are sacrificing AND THEY ARE NOT.

It is not the point on Free Speech which I have issue with. It is the point on Conservative Treehouse left those lies up about numerous bloggers, while those Cruz booger trolls who were pretending to be for Donald Trump, trashed the National Enquirer story on the Cruz affairs. Absolute lies about what goes on here were not deleted, but the victim was liar Ted Cruz, and the hero was the Sundance writers group, who were praised as the source for all we know........and I have never read a word of their writings.

One of the bloggers attacked was Ulsterman. I have taken him to task too when his trollops started trolling me in saying I was jealous of his work, which looked allot like my work. I though never have attacked him for trying to make a living, and that was Ulsterman's great sin.
What was stated incorrectly was that Ulsterman runs all these sites like DC Whispers, and these people's great crime is...............wait for it, is they wrote a book, and are trying to sell it to make a living, and use their pages to sell their work.

This kind of absolute asstard is what needs a meteor to strike this planet and rid us of all these Darwin minders. What do they think, which they never think, is Ulsterman, Rense or Freedom Outpost just appears?
It takes IP addresses being registered for money, addresses which are removed enough so that these people do not have to shoot some wacko who tracks them down, and it requires a webmaster to manage a site in putting up stories, and this is 16 hours a day as a job, just like Matt Drudge.
Freedom I believe has to sell their own survival supplies to do their radio broadcast. They have done an outstanding job on the LaVoy Finicum murder, and that kind of press does not endear one to the FBI or local police.

For the Lame Cherry, I will share what this blog goes into daily. I do 14 to 16 hours of work, with at least 12 to 14 on this blog, creating content, research and dealing with readers. 99% of the readers are good people, but that 1% is that keyboard assassin chorus like gathered on Conservative Treehouse. They ask for help, and when they get it, they turn on me and savage me, because I point out things that just does not bow to their will.
I work at Mom's place with the animals, and I care for Mom, and do the same kind of garbage errands all of you do. Currently due to some one's evil prayers, I had two teeth break awhile back, which I will not be able to get fixed until the weather clears up, the cows calve, Daisy and Baby Belle get on grass, and other things, as I will not be able to be straining for a few days with a pulled wisdom tooth, which last time cost me 300 bucks.
I just can not live my life like the E LINT in their luxury of not working like the Viking long hours or like Richard having a foreigner bitch at him, but instead have a cushy jog they gain money from or are inheritance children, so they can come home on high speed, scour the internet for Cruz or whoever and then bitch about how bad the content is..........and yes there are more minders being employed by Homeland to pay people to post content as much as spy on Ammon Bundy.

If I add up the literal assassination attempts, the constant terrorizing of this blog by the regime, and the murder satan does, that is my day. I usually make it to bed between 12:30 and 1 am most days, after making sure all is quiet in no predator is murdering anything here, and I never make it past the first segment of Coast to Coast AM before passing out.

Mark Levin who I have issues with, as he is funded by this money laundering enterprise like Limbaugh does work a great deal. He is a slow kid, so it takes him long days to prep, but all the same, for Ted Cruz, Mark Levin is working long hours, but he gets rewarded. Sean Hannity has staff, but you still have to show up for 3 hours on the radio and then an hour for television 5 days a week, and your weekends are always thinking about guests, what you are doing and what would be a good story.
I never shut down, as I am always listening to God, and often enough between 5 am and 7 am the Holy Ghost fires an idea into my brain in something I missed or something I have to write about, and after chores and breakfast, I am busy producing this blog.

If I am fortunate, I get to walk with TL and talk, to get the hell away from  this internet scream. Today we had 15 minutes in the yard to play with kitties, as Sherlock planted himself on my lap and refused to leave. I ended up there, as Mr. Peepers is better and walked down to the chicken coup to visit those chickens who would kill him if they got a chance........and he was dying a few days ago too, but with some antibiotic, new feed, and getting him out in the grass to pick a few bugs.......and now he is running from me which is what I want.

I do have issues with the content of what Mark Levin in his Cruz fraud is up to, but that is not about Mark Levin or his work. It does bother me when I hear Jeff Rense wanting a Smith and Wesson 38 caliber with 2 1/2 inch barrel, as I would love one too, but I could not afford such a thing......but if you have one, he said he will buy it at a premium price as it would be a nice concealed carry.......think it Model 10 or something. I can not do anything though about any of that, as I am not going to sell out to the cartel to be millionaire Limbaugh lying to you for Big Koch, and I am not looking to deal with the constant interaction with guests that Jeff Rense does as that circus is one act after another.
Speaking of which, that Alex Jones after his wife dumped him and he got involved with Matt Drudge, he has just disappeared since David Duke smoked him in a debate. People burn out, and subjects burn out, as when this all started on Rense it was peak oil and David Icke and now the world is a new horizon in people thinking this is all new.

I do get thanked by nice people often enough, and if not for the few donors keeping me on life support, I really think that I would move on to trying to pedal some trinkets to gain a few dollars, as ending up dead is not exactly what I want to do. I do feel bad when someone from Egan Minnesota apologizes that all they could donate was 50 dollars, because I am not bitching about people like him. It is these cursed  E LINT which disgusts me who are living in luxury and pretending they are Patriots, when all they are is traitors, as they have done nothing for America but take up space.
Egan made me smile though, as I like tracking packages when shipped from UPS as I recall that was the sorting hub in Minnesota. It is always a small world.

Sometimes I get ideas, and I do not know if others are Inspired by God, but I get ideas in how to pull down this evil empire and I know it would work, but I would get into trouble for posting such things and of course one can not be educating the terrorists working for the Obama regime and imported by Lutheran Social Services and protected by the State Police. For me it is mathematical structures in knowing how things work and factoring success as I have always been a tactical officer. It simply delights me to know things in teaching people, and I become sad that I can not share.

So I leave retribution of the trolls to God as Christ directs. Sins bound to them and they are singed forever. It pleases me when E LINT dismisses a Wandmaster like Tim Rifat, and how others deem such things crazy, as it makes the matrix a place where all this refuse is unarmed, and it is a place where the lei line crafters can unleash their wares. It is as G. Gordon Liddy once said, "I fight on the battlefield of the mind, for it is there you are unarmed".

I do not expect stupid people to appreciate all that goes on to bring you fringe media, as it is not funded for the most part by Mockingbird, and for me, it certainly is not funded at all. I am moved to construct a toxic blog as a cover, and it amuses me when I read experts on the Lame Cherry repeating their phrases off the blog, because they were informed here, and not because they can figure out what all takes place here.

TL was one of the few who, but then TL's grandfather was American intelligence, and Lord God did things get interesting when we started talking on TL's parent's computer one night. Yes Virginia, even when you are not in the CIA for a generation, they do watch all you do still, and when the popular girl appeared, the old man's computer about melted down and I got some company.

I am not stating that everyone online in media walks on water. Most are assholes, like Limbaugh who only respond if you are some chica his lonely heart could club, and that is why I do become incensed when people do not realize that I actually pray for people and help them in answering, and do not trash messages, because I am not a billionaire and got a golf game I have to go to. People who abuse that grace, get put on block and that never comes off, because I will not put up with the bullshit of your having a bad day and your taking it out on me. We all have had shitty years in this Obama Super Depression, and taking swipes at me which you will answer to God for, is not going to make your situation better.

I am just me, and people are jealous of that as everyone wants to be popular until it scares the piss out of them when the NSA shows up, and they figure out that all of this is not so fun. I would challenge you to over the next week in what you normally do, as that is what I do, and then you write 5 articles a day for 7 days, which are interesting, Inspired by God, and saying something which is not being said anywhere else, and see if you can keep up.........oh and then have some troll trying to entrap you, having the NSA bloodshot your eyes, and then get a few emails of people bitching at you for being the lowest form of life and your being featured in a comment section lying about you.........and when you are tired, you still do it.
Try that for a week and then see if this is all so easy and something that anyone can do.

I had no intention of being a blogger. I actually had the misconception that blogging was the low prey on the food chain, but it really is the most demanding of media and most people can not do this, as they either burn out or just quit in having no talent as no one cares. You have to know how to entertain without sight or sound, and only in the mind, and keep people coming back. It is like Jeff Rense in his radio is not blogging, but he constructs a forum for the ear which communicates a message that never coasts like Limbaugh does for months at a time.
I am being honest about this as Rense pasted me pretty good a few years back, but talent is talent.

It is a unique venue this internet. It is like sorting out from stage to radio to television. Not all could make the transformation, and  this blog is the premier blog in creating a din in what a blog should be. I do not have the ads to make a living like Ulsterman or World Net Daily, as when I was on dial up, I could not load those sites, so this Lame Cherry runs on donations or lack of them from the rich who have been so brainwashed into thinking they are superior, that they will not see their kill shot coming when it does come.

I simply wanted to expose the tards who take all of this for granted. None of them could do it. There is a premier group of talent which creates this fringe and the Mockingbird can not manufacture it or repeat it. The E LINT is on comment sections and hit pieces, because in real life no one listens to them and everyone hates them, so they troll online like nasty high school girls getting pissy about other kids, and posting comments no one reads, as their ideas are so asstard.

I do not have to agree with Mark Levin to defend his work output, even if his work is treachery against America. He at least is selling America out with his soul and in that sale he is being rejected by America. I would rather have him working for us than for foreign agent Cruz, but it is what it is, and now it is time to generate more content in the hopes some wealthy person, finds the jackhammer to pry open their rust encrusted wallet for that 350,000 donation out of their millions.