Friday, March 4, 2016

The Little Hitlers of 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the Lame Cherry exclusive of Paul Elliot Singer, the fag billionaire nation rapist, there are dots that require connecting so each of you understand exactly what is behind Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, and how every person in the media is there by design to keep you from understanding that the invasion of America is not generated in the Obama regime, but is coming from the GOPlites or Republican establishment elites, and the Lame Cherry is going to open your eyes to all of this.

In the early 1980's, President Ronald Reagan, embarked upon free trade with Middle and South America, in order to empower and enrich those Republics. These nations like America blossomed into wealthy economies.
What followed though, in George H.W. Bush's NAFTA or North American Free Trade was as Ross Perot predicted, a huge sucking sound of jobs leaving America, because the Bush billionaires wanted to destroy the economic base in America of the right wing so it would never be able to fund another Ronald Reagan.
HW Bush in his Sub Operational Groups was behind the wiping out of every Conservative Republican from George Allen, Norm Coleman, Larry Craig etc...., all to pave the way for Jeb Bush 2016.

On the way to NAFTA though, the European cartels moved in with offering cheap loans at low interest rates to South American nations like Brazil and Argentina. Soon interest rates exploded and those nations were overthrown to become Obama Marxist states, as the Jesuit Catholics intended in their revolution all along.

This ushered in the new Obama era of development of these Marxist nations, so that their oil as in Brazil, as is coming to America, will be seized by foreign investors........meaning Americans North and South will not own the oil under their feet. The Americans developed the oil, and the Muslims and Chinese obtained the oil cheap in fire sales and foreclosures. 

Now we come to the competing factions in Obama's faction is Clinton feudal Marxism and the other faction is the Paul Elliot Singer overthrow of Argentina in which he extorted 4.5 billion dollars on a 50 million dollar bond debt purchase, because Singer put his el presidente in charge of Argentina, instead of the Obama cartel's comrade Kirshner.

I desire to take you by the hand now and lead you into your present. You hear Thomas Sowell and the Wall Street Journal caste, and Walter Williams, with Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, all ranting about these illegal immigrants coming into America and not in favor of Donald Trump.

Walk this back now in you had the Obama Clinton rapine going on in South and Middle America, and then you have these hedge fund titans like Robert Mercer who purchased Ted Cruz, and Paul Singer who purchased Marco Rubio and owns Mitt Romney, who just came out trashing Donald Trump.....for these debt bond traders, are the very forces which are looting South American nations of their money......meaning when South America has been strangled by Obama, and is now being cut up by Paul Singer.......where in this world do you think that flood of one hundred million illegals are going to rush to? Yes, the disUnited States of America.

So all of you, who just love Rupert Murdochs Wall Street Journal, and FOX in that billionaire's caste, and would lay down your lives and die for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as you have been deceived by the Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity propaganda scripted for them. You can now see the dots connected in the very billionaires who are backing the GOPlites in Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Romney, are the ones causing economic destruction in South and Central American nations, so these people have no jobs, no hope, no security, and when Obama whispers about coming to America in regime operations to herd those people here........they of course are going to come invade America.

You must get this through your thought processes, as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney are owned by the very nation rapists who are driving these foreigners out of their lands and into America.......and into Europe.

I will remind all of you again, that Paul Singer and Robert Mercer, and hosts of others of this debt trading cartel, call Obama 18 trillion dollar debt as "securities" and in these derivatives or derived "assets" from debt which now totals 1.4 quadrillion dollars globally in debt, much of that in these "hedge funds" is OWNED BY YOUR BANK like the US debt in bonds. The law states that Singer, Mercer and other debt traders in a collapse that their assets are protected first.....and the protection for their assets are your bank accounts being seized. This is what is called a BAIL IN, in legally confiscating your money, in the way the cartel stole the Russian savings in the Cyprus Bail In.

This is not some political transference of your goodness on to heinous fiends like Cruz and Rubio, who are owned by thee most despicable moneychangers on the planet, but this is about YOUR life literally, in Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are owned by the  very people who have stolen South American nations by installing their own puppets, and this ilk is against Donald Trump, because Mr. Trump is going to protect your savings and investments from being confiscated, which is going to bring your genocide.
This is connect the dots and you people are going to die and be replaced by these invaders, and if GOPlites install their puppets like they did in Argentina, your money and retirement is going to be seized to destroy you from becoming a political contender in being able to vote for any Donald Trump ever again.

You must get this. You must get this, understand that this Singer group of debt traders is the outer financial circle of the aristocracy behind the destruction of the West. George H. W. Bush succeeded in destroying EVERY Conservative in the West, and this cartel succeeded in so impoverishing you in this Obama Super Depression that you could not fund a Conservative candidate. If it was not for Donald Trump self funding, in this last chance to place an American into the White House, 2016 would be nothing but these Singer debt trader nation that is what Hillary Clinton is backed by in her conglomerates, Muslims, George Soros and Warren Buffett on the left, and on the right, you have Paul Ryan joining with image Obama to destroy your last hope in Donald Trump, by putting forward these political stooges like Cruz, Rubio and Romney.

This is everything you have. IT IS GOING TO BE CONFISCATED if you do not stop denying the reality before you. I am not lying about any of this. All of this material is sourced and backed up. By God's Grace the Lame Cherry connected all of these dots so you have the entire picture which has been deliberately hidden from you.

The debt traders who own Rubio, Cruz, Romney, and the syndicate who put forward Ben Carson to fundraise to billions which they take a huge cut out of your donation, with the help of Michelle Malkin planting stories for this group, are running a scam on each of you. They have shocked you and made you react, instead of to think and reason. So you are doing things scorched earth to bring about your own destruction, as the Glenn Becks and Matt Walshes funded by this cartel use keyboard terrorism to keep you spiked.......just like the Jews get spiked, Muslims get spiked, so those groups are always acting in fury which is bringing their own demise.

No one is telling you this,  and I mean NO ONE, except the Lame Cherry. Regrettably again as always, I am it in trying to save you children and brats from yourselves. There is not going to be any more salvation if Donald Trump does not succeed. Those who think this revolution is so moving forward without a leader, had better note what happened to LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy, and how all of you brave keyboard commandos scattered at the first Pete Santilli "run for your lives" from the FBI psyops protocols.

I have now educated you in providing the names, explaining how this nefarious mechanism is employed against you, and what is triggering this invasion of America, and how your GOPlite political minders are deceiving you for their debt trader masters.

Prove for once you are humans and get on your hind legs and people Patriots in showing you can THINK and not go scurrying off after these Benedict Arnolds who sold you out from Day One.

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