Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump for the Slow Kids

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After listening to Rush Limbaugh desperately beg, plead and whine to America to go to his ugly step sister, Ted Cruz, the Holy Ghost finally explained what is going on in the brains of the Rush Limbaughs, Paul Singers, Erick Ericksons......and that is nothing.

I do not mean there is not thought there, and they are brainless, but if you listen to Rush Limbaugh in these paraphrased quotes, you will understand what is missing in comprehension.

Paraphrase 1: You listen, you listen to Ted Cruz at the debates, and man, I mean, you listen to him, and he just wins the debates, he creams them, scorched earth, Ted Cruz is just, I mean, if you listen to the debate, Ted Cruz just wins.

Paraphrase 2:  I mean, no one gives Ted Cruz a chance, I mean, like Donald Trump, he gets all this free publicity, and like man, Ted Cruz, no one listens to him, I mean like Donald Trump gets all this free publicity.

Paraphrase 3: Donald Trump, I mean, let me do an impersonation of him, like Donald Trump, I mean, he never says anything in speaking, I mean it's like, I got great polls and I am winning", but like Donald Trump never says anything.

OK, let us as adults examine the above realistically.

On every poll of the debates, Donald Trump wipes the entire field out. He gets more votes than everyone else in the debate. So therefore Donald Trump is winning the debates and smoking Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz had one good moment in the debate, and that is when Megyn Kelly handed him a question she was going to ask, and Ted answered that set up well on religion, as we all know that Cruz was the darling of insider Rupert Murdoch.
If one is in high school debating in a set platform, talking to pointy head teachers, then Ted Cruz does ok, but when it comes to communicating with the public, it is Donald Trump who knows how to debate in public forum.

The free publicity which everyone thinks Donald Trump is getting is publicity that is 100% negative. Mr. Trump has been called everything from a rapist in the liberal press to Ted Cruz calling him a child.
Now compare that to Ted Cruz who daily received 9 hours of free good press on ....actually what is Glenn Beck on 2 Cruz received 11 hours of good press every day, pumped to the right wing, and they still hate him overwhelmingly.

Lastly, this is the crux of Limbaugh, Levin and Beck, in Donald Trump constantly expresses exactly what his policies are and his politic in perfect sound bytes, that people with mental capacity can comprehend.
Build a wall, is border security.
Let Putin bomb ISIS, is fighting terrorism.
Redo Obamacare, is stopping rationed death.
I own a gun, is I am for the Second Amendment.

See the reason that Limbaugh, Levin and Erickson have a problem with Donald Trump, is Donald is intelligent, and does not have to stand at the chalkboard drawing thing out for Limbaugh, does not have to come to Levin's desk to explain it again for half an hour, and does not have to do the first half of the problem for Erickson so he can take it home so mummy will finish it for him.
The other part of this as in Paul Singer's problem with Donald Trump, in Mr. Trump is going to make this nation rapist pay taxes on his billions, and Donald Trump is going to end this money laundering by Big Koch to Limbaugh, Levin and Erickson in their cushy jobs that keeps everyone out of talk radio and blogging, because they suck up all the bandwidth.

So I do recommend to the Cruz boogers, that Donald Trump, have like Ivanka his daughter, and the grandchildren make a YouTube video called, Donald Trump for the Slow Kids.
In this video, Ivanka will speak slowly, have flash cards, and take nap breaks for Limbaugh, Levin and Erickson so they can keep up with the infants. In this way, Donald Trump will be explained to the Cruz boogers who just never developed comprehension in school, as the teachers did all the work for them and mummy finished up for them.
We know this to be true as Rush Limbaugh stated his mum got him a job at like age 21 when all he was doing was laying on the couch having her make him jelly sandwiches.

So let us all speak slowly, and repeat ourselves for the Cruz boogers, because they are the slow kids. As there is no Special Ed for these slow kids in politics, and only Paul Singer donations, we have to have compassion on these retards. Look, they are never going to get the joke, because like Ted Cruz, they are too slow, but we can say things like, "No Rusty, Trump good. Ted bad." and then ring a bell and offer them some Viagra or allow them to sit in their sticky underwear like Mark Levin in the basement, or rattle a bag of hog rinds for Erick Erickson as a treat, and slowly they will be begin to nod their head yes and say, "Yes me like being sticky with Viagra and pigs".

Look it is a start, as David Cameron in England got to be Prime Minister on those three things, and with the slow kids, we will bring them along to understanding that Trump is good and Ted is bad.

If John Kasich can get this stuff, then Ted Cruz can too.

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