Sunday, March 20, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As everyone has observed these worthless two legged robots, it is at this point that reason returns to the four legged type which would be of use for humanity. I term this bot as MULE, the Mechanical Utility Lift Extension, for the United States Infantry.

MULE would be a platform of various modes, but not so cumbersome as to have a signature....basically we are not speaking of a draft horse here, but the very size of an army mule, which would be a packbot.

MULE would have offensive capability in a turret M 60 machine gun, and RPG's for a stable platform. Put it this way, one shot at a mile and a half which hits an attack helicopter in a 50 caliber round is more effective than a thousand rounds giving away a position.

MULE would have the medic pack, communications, rations, scanners, and provide the status of sentry in having infrared and motion detectors.
I would foresee a type of mine clearing ability in being able to rig some type of pole system to detonate land mines without harming the platform.

These platforms would not be designed to be multi million dollar expensive toys which were as big a houses, but rather cheap utilities in the 20,000 dollar range, fully loaded and expendable, compared to expensive Soldiers. MULE would be designed to save lives.

There are other platforms in the drone class for lethal attack vehicles or hunter vehicles. MULE has the purpose of aiding a platoon in being the high tech extension to save lives.

I do believe it should be a dexterous platform. Think of it like dog being able to crouch, and in necessity to stand while propped on its hind legs to get over the horizon readings. The Americans made a tactical error in replacing the Jeep for the Hummer. The Jeep was the perfect light platform, while the Hummer is nothing but a target. MULE is not a tank, an APC or a Predator. Mule is meant to relieve the burden, extend Soldier performance and if need be to draw fire and suppress fire.

MULE is not high tech, so to speak, in expensive computers to go haywire. Soldiers have the best computer between their ears, and that is what MULE, allows for a stable platform to deliver kill shots for the human operating it.

Lastly MULE would be a WIA recovery platform. The military protocol is to wound, and tie up Soldiers. MULE would retrieve the wounded to a secure location, and allow for non depletion of the unit.

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