Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is Behind the Utah Election Fraud for Ted Cruz

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If you are wondering why Mitt Romney, the Utah political elite and the rich people in Utah are in control of the "fraud caucus method" which installed Orin Hatch who was bragging about gun grabbing image Obama appointee to the Supreme Court Merrick Garland..........(same head at Justice who likes burning babies alive at Waco and loves police state actions like Malheur in Orgeon against Mormons)............you only have to witness what Ted Cruz has been doing for the past 3 years in Big Koch special interests.

Ted Cruz Wants to Allow Selling of National Parks, Strip ...

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If you require an explanation in this, it is the war in the west getting Ranchers murdered like LaVoy Finicum and causing another round up of Bundy supporters, but that does not matter to Assemblywoman Fiori of Nevada who warns her flock, but votes for Cruz like Romney.

This is about whether Hillary Clinton's mining interests led by Bill Gates in Thorium nuclear mining rapes the landsd or Ted Cruz's Big Koch gets to rape the land, and that is why Utah is being led to the rapine by her leaders for Ted  Cruz.

This is not about development for Utah Citizens wealth, but these damned conglomerates stealing the land and resources, and that is what Ted Cruz is behind, in turning all of these lands not into serene cattle ranges of cowboys  where the deer and antelope play, but open pit mining like in Wyoming for hundreds of miles.

World's Largest open pit coal mine : Peabody Corp's Antelope ...

Largest open pit coal mine : Peabody Corp's Antelope-Rochelle coal mine complex in Powder River Basin, Wyoming.

Now you know why mineral rich states are stealing caucuses for Ted Cruz in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, as Erick Erickson crows about it all cashing his Big Koch checks. This is environmental rape, which will not raise beef and wool, creating wildlife habitat, but scorched earth to create trillionaires out of the billionaires now putting you into jail and murdering you.

No one else has explained any of this to you, but this is election fraud, vote selling and it is using your natural resources to make a slave out of you again. How long do you think it will be, before like North Dakota oil being confiscated for Saudi Arabia muslims or Oregon Thorium for Bill Gates or Idaho uranium for Russia, that the people of Utah end up booted off their lands, when Ted Cruz rapine comes to that land of Mormon?

It disgusts me the Oligarchs who rule America, and are stealing elections for Cruz in these low  population states. Yesterday it was Wyoming and today it is Utah, but for the first time, you know why the vote fraud is taking place in Utah, and is being overseen by Big Koch interests by their GOPliters there to the degradation of the people of Utah.

Gee no Mark Levin expose' on this either as he rants for Cruz.

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