Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Operation Empty Cell


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really hate the cut and paste media, as it is annoying and shiftless. The subject  here are the 13 locations in America where image Obama and Skirty Clinton are going to be dumping Gitmo terrorists in these United States, as that is a bit important.

For the record, Gitmo has 83 terrorists in Ted Cruz's and Marco Rubio's Cuba, that is down from over 250 when Birther Hussein took office..and we know that numbers of Obama releases ended up being kingpin terrorists in the Mideast on their being freed.

I have some quotes at least from the New York Post.

The seven facilities reviewed by a Pentagon assessment team last year were: the US Disciplinary Barracks and Midwest Joint Regional Corrections Facility at Leavenworth, Kansas; the Consolidated Naval Brig, Charleston, South Carolina; the Federal Correctional Complex, which includes the medium, maximum and supermax facilities in Florence, Colorado; and the Colorado State Penitentiary II in Canon City, Colorado, also known as the Centennial Correctional Facility.

You will notice that these are all Republican states which are getting the terrorists. The other 6 terror centers are most likely  Republican States too, along with one Super Center that is to be built somewhere called Gitmo North.

US officials say the plan considers, but does not name, 13 different locations in the US, including seven existing prison facilities in Colorado, South Carolina and Kansas, as well as six other locations on current military bases. They say the plan doesn’t recommend a preferred site and the cost estimates are meant to provide a starting point for a conversation with Congress.

What is most important in requiring addressing here is the LEGAL reason why President George W. Bush put these terrorists into Cuba. There was a problem in their legal definition, as Soldiers have Geneva Convention rights and terrorists are not Soldiers, because terrorists do not provide humane care for their captives or follow rules of warfare.
Added to this, once anyone sets foot on American soil, they begin having American Rights. People can talk about Patriot Act in holding people indefinitely, but that is not the Obama regime which does nothing but find ways to give rights to terrorists. So in translation, the minute these terrorists get into Kansas, South Carolina, Colorado or only Obama knows where, the ACLU is going to be screaming about legal representation, "their day in court" and then we are going to have all of these Obama judges having trials for all of these terrorists to rant at America, and with Justice Scalia dead, the Roberts Supreme Court is going to make it all legal..........and once again terrorists are going to have more rights than the Citizen.

Project this out.......how long do you think in a jury trial before ISIS gets a hold of every juror, kidnaps their family and the next thing you know all these terrorists are freed.......and now they can hire an attorney to sue the United States for millions in false imprisonment.

That is what Obama and Ted Cruz has opened America up to.....as it was Ted Cruz who promoted John Roberts for the Supreme Court in that fag Bush promotion of sodomites into key positions of power.

Now do you really want your being called up for a terror jury trial and having ISIS get your name because Anonymous hacks into the court records and publishes it?

Do you really want every turban head in the world knowing your state has terrorists in it, so they can come and hold your state hostage until those terrorists are released? You do remember that Obama and Ted Cruz gave Iran nukes right?

The only place for these terrorists is Gitmo, where once President Trump undoes all the communist Islam overthrow of Muslim nations, to make those nations take back these terrorists quietly and even more quickly execute them in kangaroo trials of 15 seconds.
None of this will be made public due to security concerns, but only the text of, "Gitmo prisoner group A is being turned over in extradition to the host nation, where tribunals will try these terrorists. The trials of course will have already taken place, and the CIA will simply haul them back, to land at an Air Base, where they will be shot immediately once off the plane by the host nation.

To keep it simple, declare them national combatants of Libya, Afghanistan or Iraq where the US has some control and simply finish it...........one can always keep a few around for hostages, but other than that, in no uncertain terms do these terrorists ever be allowed into America, as some twister will give them American rights..........they gave them to foreign born Obama and Cruz, so it will be with these terrorists too.

Follow the Lame Cherry policy and extradite them to execution and it solves everything. This is bullshit that George W. Bush was kissing Saudi dick in allowing this to be an issue for Obama.....as Saudi Arabia enjoys cutting heads off, so provide them the bodies.