Wednesday, March 30, 2016

St. Scaramouche Day

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I dislike the merchandising of Holy Days and special days, and most of them involve things that have no use, die or taste horrid.

I am like Michael Dukakis, in he could never see a use for was like, should they not produce fruit too?

So I was nervous about Valentine's Day, as I broke tradition of no flowers that die, and no chocolates that upon tasting them, you think you wanted to die. The thing I chose was a card and something TL enjoys in I bought TL a movie.

One of our favorite actors is Stewart Granger. My first experience with him was in North to Alaska, and for TL it was the Prisoner of Zenda. I did not know that much about this Englishman naturalized American, but he was the joyous Errol Flynn, without Flynn's off putting nature.

The movie I chose was Scaramouche. It is a fun movie of sword play, as TL is an accomplished fencer and I like happy endings.
I am drawn more now to the old movies as even most of the evil people have at least some good quality in them.

I view this as a win win, as there are no dead flowers and no stale chocolates. I don't need things as I have TL. Granted if TL did not like cinema, that would not be the Valentine gift to present. I do think though that people should get things for those they care about, what they like instead of what industry says you must buy to enrich them.
Then again some people like flowers and chocolates, so that is an easy thing.......for me I had to find something that worked for us.