Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Votre Loup

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For most of you, you have no idea that with all of your pet kitties and puppies, your pretty deer and the beef you eat, just what your US Fish and Wildlife and game departments are growing out there off of the animals you love as family and adore as wildlife to see.
All of that protein without anyone normal game checks, have allowed the production of some of thee most massive killing machines, not known since the saber tooth cats roamed the planet.

Just consider in looking at these photos, if your pet dog, your child, or even yourself would be any match for animals which weigh as much as you, are as large as you, and have jaws which snap leg bones and fangs which slice tendons and arteries.

Theodore  Roosevelt and John Borroughs in setting up the American parks and wildlife system advocated the extermination of these predators and not the releasing of them into all of our communities.  These animals in survival instinct are faster, stronger, adaptable and more intelligent than you. Due to your ignorance, mistrust and misplaced feelings, you have allowed these murder machines around you, and so you understand this, they now have more protection under the law than you have.

When the meltdown takes place in society, this is what you are going to be facing along with raping Mexicans, robbing Muslims and a police state protecting the system as you are murdered.


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