Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ted Cruz in a Crisis is a Crisis

Newsweek Predicted The Rise Of Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you surf to Amanda Carpenter's recent Twitter page, you will find a Cruz booger who with absolutely no one but trolls like Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, initiating hate attacks on Donald Trump.

Just a few days ago, she was spouting off about Donald Trump going to attack Ted Cruz's mother in an absolutely grade school political charge, then calling Mr. Trump a small man, and then whining about knowing nameless people who have had to get more security in death threats from Trump supporters.
Security costs like 50 to 100 thousand per person one hires, so what billionaires are these intimate nameless friends of this Cruz operative?

The last posts which are listed on top, are the ones which show Amanda Carpenter is in a frenzy of herself as Ted Cruz has abandoned her, in she is attempting to cleanse her tweets and is hunting fake accounts from the trolls.
There is a rule in this game, that you put out one Heidi Cruz statement as the wife, and shut up, and not as Amanda Carpenter the mistress keep pounding out tweets to continue to provide this story legs.

I return to the Lame Cherry exclusive in why did the Washington Times, a South Korean CIA asset, fire Drew Johnson, and is in the process of protecting this couple in Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter?
It is about US Soldiers dying for South Korea against North Korean nukes. South Korea owns Ted Cruz and American cities are targets now because of this sex scandal and because Ted Cruz is indebted to South Korean CIA.

Getting nuked for Ted Cruz nookie. That is a deal Donald Trump never made.

Personally, I am certain that Bill Krystol and Jake Tapper just love having their stuff retweeted by Amanda Carpenter.

Ted Cruz in a crisis is a crisis.

- Lame Cherry

  1. This person is clearly impersonating my profile. FYI.
  2. Several people have alerted me that fake accounts are being set up to appear as me. I'm pursuing verification. Pls be aware. Thx.
  3. I certainly am not going to answer random Internet trolls but I will certainly go after those who should know and do know better.
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    Cruz on Trump-Stone: "They haven't had a parting of ways. Roger Stone remains the henchman, the hatchet man, the enforcer for Donald Trump."
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    He is Risen!
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    Here's a 2008 profile of Roger Stone for anyone who doesn't believe the NE story was planted by Trump people
  7. The silver lining in all this is that you hear from friends far and wide. I dearly appreciate the support & props. I ain't goin' anywhere :)
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    Oh good grief. People are making a stink about matching Churchill tattoos?! I had one too!!! Oh noes!!!
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    Oliver Darcy Retweeted
    Apparently, also can't distinguish between fake news websites and real ones.
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    Seat mate on plane, a veteran and Republican, encourages me to keep fighting against Trump. "An embarrassment to our party and country."
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    I am so with you, & all the other women Trump & supporters casually smear:
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    Ben Sasse Retweeted Donald J. Trump
    This is sad, and everyone with a sister or wife or daughter or mom should reconsider supporting this tiny little man
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    Guy Benson Retweeted Allahpundit
    Threaten their wives?
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  14. Planning to join 's and later this hour but standing by for breaking terror news.
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    Michael Berry Retweeted Ben Sasse
    Where are all the other Republicans who are sitting by, rather than speaking out? Good for you, Ben Sasse.
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  16. Trump wants to bully and intimidate folks and that clearly is having a trickle down effect. It really really sucks.
  17. Does that happen sometimes in politics? Yes. But it never happened, that I know of, from supporters for any other candidate this cycle
  18. There are too many people I know who have had to increase personal security due to threats from Trump supporters.
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    Also: You know what should be asking to be pulled? His supporters' threats of violence against me and my family. He won't!
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    Stephen Miller Retweeted The Weekly Standard
    What crushing costs? Law is working great. Hillary agrees
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    Teddy Schleifer Retweeted Teddy Schleifer
    New CFG ad: "If you don't want Donald Trump to win, your choice comes down to this: math...John Kasich can't do it."
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    . had harsh words for treatment of 's wife.
  23. Trump will hate tweet Heidi Cruz in the middle of the night but won't debate Cruz one on one. What a small man.
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    Ted Cruz: "Donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone"
    CNN Politics — Political News, Analysis and Opinion
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    Ted Cruz: 'Donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave Heidi alone.'
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    Wisconsin followers who care about politics, here's something you should consider, via
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    Stuff Surrogates Say: Thursday edition
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    Rick Wilson Retweeted Greta Van Susteren
    30 seconds of google would tell you the SuperPAC wasn't affiliated with Cruz.
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  29. Amanda Carpenter Retweeted Daily Mail US
    Uh-oh. Trump is going to have to find someone else to attack. Is Cruz's mother next?
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