Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why is South Korean CIA Protecting Adulterous Ted Cruz?

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The reality of Drew Johnson of the Washington Times is fascinating, for after he confirmed the press had verified two of the Cruz sex boogers, he was immediately terminated by the Times.

Now the Times is the home of Pentagon Propaganda, and if you will notice, every media from the New York Times to Rush Limbaugh shut down the story of the Cruz Cheating. It was not shut down for lack of evidence, but because there was evidence, but Cruz was being kept around to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination.
Ted Cruz is a disposable tampon which is soaking up the blood of this political fight, and all of this is about electing Hillary Clinton in November, as Ted Cruz could not beat anything........including his own meat.


Now my children here is what is of interest in the Drew Johnson story, and it is the fact that there is a video of Ted Cruz, apparently it is multi featured in it shows that Pierson woman having lunch with Ted on Tuesdays and coming out of a hotel on Thursdays, as was Ted's routine.
This video has been out there, and is confirmed.  The person who knew of it was being begged to release it, but he replied back that he did not have it.

That means that someone has it.

Now that means that someone paid the person who did have it, a sum of money for an exclusive story, but that media, never intended to use that video, as it was simply a way of shutting it all down as if there was a copy, the seller would be taken to court for the money and more, so it falls to the reality, that billionaire who owns this media outlet is all about destroying Donald Trump, and using Ted Cruz, and then disposing of  Ted Cruz  this summer.

This reveals the scope of this operation, but it reveals more in Drew Johnson in what he said. He stated that he knew of two women who had been sexually active with Ted Cruz. He knew, because other reporters knew, because their sources were the friends  of these women, who had heard directly from this woman that they were getting Ted Cruz cock.
Washington is a place where everyone fucks for position. You do it, and you get a reputation for it, before you pull yourself out of the whore sack, and become respectable like Barbara Walters who fucked a Jew leader for an exclusive.

See men and women brag. There are Karl Rove gay boy bars and snotty little Ted Cruz bars, where the booze flows and as tits are pinched, as we all know girls pinch each other's tits at bars in saying what whores they are, that it is blurted out in, "Well you are fucking your lesbian boss' dildo........I am getting bent over by Ted Cruz in the evening". There is then more tit pinching, more orders for drinks, and some greasy little reporter in the next booth heard it all

The question in this is why does it appear that the South Korean CIA which through Reverend Moon, since the Reagan years, have such a vested interest in keeping the Ted Cruz cheating from becoming public knowledge, to the extent of destroying Drew Johnson's career?

News World Communications currently owns United Press International, GolfStyles (formerly Washington Golf Monthly), Segye Ilbo (South Korea), and Sekai Nippo (Japan). Formerly, it owned The World and I, as well as the now defunct Tiempos del Mundo, Zambezi Times (South Africa) and Middle East Times (Egypt).[5] Until 2008, it published the Washington D.C.-based newsmagazine Insight on the News.[1] News World Communications' best-known newspaper was The Washington Times, which the company owned from the paper's founding in 1982 until 2010, when Sun Myung Moon and a group of former Times editors purchased the paper from News World Communications under the company News World Media Development, which now also owns The World and I.[6] The Times is currently owned by diversified conglomerate Operations Holdings through The Washington Times LLC.

SOURCE: Shapira, Ian (November 3, 2010). "Moon group buys back Washington Times". Washington Post. p. C1.

What you are witnessing in Ted Cruz is exactly what I told you Ted Cruz was from the start. Cruz is an Ivy League CIA asset just like Obama, recruited out of Harvard, and slumming with the para intelligence groups of Rockefeller and Bush.
What you are witnessing is the Ted Cruz protection unit of international intelligence running cover for him. Cruz is an asset for the cartel, and that is why this entire media machine which is supposed to hate Cruz has been censoring all of these stories, as the NSA funnels huge amounts of cash to these propaganda outlets, and South Korea with their massive LG electronics money suction coming out of America, is handing that money over to South Korean CIA, then Moon Inc., to American handlers in this Washington Times LLC, and giving protection to Cruz.
All of that adds up to American Soldiers bleeding for South Korea to defend her, after Obama gave the North Koreans the hydrogen bomb.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter............oh and not found on Conservative Treehouse in Sundance community posts as I am Inspired to write all of my material here exclusively.

Ted Cruz is the ultimate insider, trying to be James Bond's dick in sticking it into drunken females who could not move.

Ah and Amanda Carpenter is deleting her tweets in which she calls Ted Cruz "daddy"..........Ted of the dress up in Catholic School Girls costume escorts and the infamous tattoo photo of Daughter Amanda wearing a man's jacket in she just "had to" get a tramp stamp like the one daddy had.
Ah it was a photo of Amanda Carpenter's children holding a sign calling Ted Cruz "daddy".

Daddy Cruz though is the internet, while the story of why is the South Korean CIA now in ownership of Ted Cruz is the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusives again.

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.........and Donald Trump is right again. Ted Cruz is owned by South Korean CIA and is going to get North Korean nukes rained down on American cities.