Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Big Smoke

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I never do comprehend why people need someone to watch over them and get them to do things, and do things right. In the Clinton White House, you had a nice guy as Chief of Staff in Mack McClarty who was destroyed by the Bob Woodward book THE AGENDA, and George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos noting that he needed a strong man to keep him in line.

The duty fell to Leon Panetta.

In the moment of Stevens begging to be bitch spanked by Mr. Panetta to make him be a good boy, Stevens handed Panetta The Halderman Diaries from Richard Nixon's Presidency with this President Nixon quote:

"From now on, Halderman is the Lord High Executioner. Don't you come whining to me when he tells you to do something. He will do it because I asked him to and you're to carry it out......I want discipline.
It's up to Halderman to police it......When he talks, it's me talking, and don't think it'll do you any good to come and talk to me, because I'll be tougher than he is. That's the way it's going to be."

Oddly, most of us can not name really anyone in the Obama White House, other than the Brown Recluses, as in Muchelle Obama and her lesbian appendage, Val-erie Jarrett.
I recall Charlie Rose interviewing the "Obama Team" and his laughing at Jarrett being an Obamatron, in sounding like a computer hard drive stuck on spin lines. In observing them, David Axelrod was the driving force behind them, and public contact, while David Flouffe was just fag dressing, and when Axelrod left the building, it was a reality that the entire Obama regime closed down, in the press was ordered by their elite masters to shut up and not report the whoring around of Malia Obama to what was really behind ANALGATE.

So in the Obama regime, there never has been any strength. All there has been are cartel script writers, laying out a brilliant Bill Ayers carnage for America, in performing a genocide on white people in America through Obama executive orders in the next 40 years.
America will become in this continuance, a South Africa with an Orange Free State of white farmers being hunted by black militants.

For those who do not comprehend this, white colonists who became the Citizens of South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia, Kenya, Tanzania etc...., were by the majority of dark skinned VOTING, once they obtained control of courts and military, outlawed in their own lands. They had their farms and businesses taken from them, and they were exiled to America, Australasia, Canada and Europe.
I state this reality in your getting this fact, when white Americans are in a minority, the majority, backed by the police state, can start exiling white Americans, exactly as Afrikaaners were exiled and no one cared.

Do not forget the Afrikaaners are all armed and all have money,  but they are under seige from murderous black racists, backed by a racial regime.

There is no Richard Nixon in the White House. There is instead this shapeshifting Obama. There is no Halderman in firm control for Americans. There is instead a board running America. Yes America the Corporation is being run behind the Obama regime by this Board of Commerce of Exploitation.

Think of it this way. You like happy Oreo cookies. the double dip frosting and crunchy cookie. They make you feel good, even at the price of gold. Oreos mean cookies to you, like Obama means getting rid of racism in America as that is what is on the package psychosis of everyone wanted a Designer Negro.
Oreo is not a company though, just like image Obama is not in charge of production. The Obama regime is just the cookie.
Nabisco is the day to day corporation which makes Oreo look and taste like an Oreo that the public will stomach. They produce the image, while corporatelings like Jarrett find ways to cut costs and change sugar to Monsanto GMO poison as it is all part of the socio conglomerates.
Behind Nabisco is a George Soros type, which is Kraft that owns Oreos in another layer. Next thing you know is Oreos are down in Mexico in a first step of NAFTA and your Oreos looke like Mexican cookies, because they are now internationally controlled and you are still being forced to pay for them.
Then there is the layer of Philip Morris which owns them all, and is maneuvering for things like......well Mexico we build our Oreo plant there.....and you sell our cigarettes and all the other things we want, while you look the other way in our destroying your native industries. That is the Obama regime in all of these policy papers in foreign and domestic agendas, which are meant to herd people.....some of the sheep to slaughter, and some for the coyotes to eat, and some to be breeders, before they maybe decide your white mutton and wool can be replaced by a darker meat variety and wool, that they can make more profit off of and are easier to keep in the pen to kill.

.......and behind it all is the Altria Group which is part of the super conglomerates which rule the world.

That is what is running America. This is not the Richard Nixon White House and HR Halderman is not in control managing things for Americans. This is a layered cartel of exploitation. The real powers are these conglomerates of the cartel, who are in this for their complete control of the world. The media shuts up stories because it is owned and it profits from it, because all these other conglomerates were awarded over 7 trillion dollars in looted US Treasury money to Wall Street in money dumps.
A regime does not need a Nixon or Halderman to govern, when that regime has cut throat corporate boards, with their own plugged in sub operational groups of self funding shadow agencies inside the regime, having their own Archer groups to murder people who get in the way, and blackmailing the rest of this Boehner ilk.
You think Boehner quit because the Pater Pope met him? Boehner quit, because he was through with the blackmail and having to answer to all of these corporatists he sold his soul to. It is much better to simply quit, and move on to some multi national conglomerate, being paid a few million a year to go get drunk with those still in the Obama gulag inflicting policy on Americans.

America has one hope in Donald Trump, the outside competitor which this cartel is attempting to destroy. I have observed Mr. Trump sufficiently to conclude that his White House will be managed from inside in the mode of President Richard Nixon and Chief of Staff HR Halderman. Mr. Trump's Attorney, Mr. Cohen is managing the Trump empire currently and is a hard ball character. This reflects on all the people Mr. Trump surrounds himself with. When Donald Trump engages for something to be accomplished. It is going to be accomplished.
I do not want to leave the impression that President Nixon is a bad thing, as you have been lied to by the leftist press who are managed by the conglomerate cartel, as it was this cartel which set up Richard Nixon in they conducted Watergate and embedded it into the Nixon White House to get rid of Richard Nixon.
Mr. Nixon was working for Americans, and that is why he was removed.

All of the Republicans are going to appoint cartel flunkies from the Rockefeller pool, just like all of the Democrats will led by Hillary Clinton. It will all be though more than a residual fringe of the cartel, as the cartel is now directly managing the American Corporation. Once that buffer has been crossed in Philip Morris directly spreading the Oreo cream on each cookie, the cartel will never relinquish that kind of control......unless another big dog is in the White House with his own outsider staff, and that is Donald Trump.

That was one of the refreshing beauties of the Reagan Administration in he brought with him numbers of his California staff who breathed a new perspective into the Executive, and did not rubber stamp the Beltway politics as Bush41 and Bush43 did, and Clinton was forced to more and more, and as the Obama regime dripped with in corporatists managing the regime for Wall Street conglomerates.

You have to get this in the Obama regime is no Richard Nixon, as Richard Nixon was pro American and his Administration was managed from the inside and not the Wall Street outside as image Obama has been from Day One.

When you vote for Donald Trump, you are going to get a pro American, with pro Americans running the Executive for each of you. That is the reality.