Friday, April 29, 2016

500,000 will seem cheap in God's Reckoning

Gloucester's Joan of Arc gets her sword back - Eagle-Tribune: News

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am telling you, because Scripture tells you, that there is a God, Who places the utmost importance in how His Name is used and abused. God reckons with all those that abuse that Name or bless that Name.
Activating the Name of God is the ultimate release of infinite power.

We have entered a different age, an ancient age of the Prophets, and the Witnesses will appear in what is ahead.

The warning is placed before you again and more clearly. Before you is the Way, the Truth and the Life, before you is Judgment, before you is the Great Tribulation.
There is an instrument in God's Hand, and Esther, but this Esther is not Sarah Palin running away, but Donald Trump answering the call. He is the Jehu which has been revealed only here. He is the instrument of God's Hand for the lessening of the blow of Judgment and the sentence of the Great Tribulation, for the return of the Way, the Truth and the Life, so that more of you might survive.
Ted Cruz is the decision of those on the right to wed themselves to the sin of the false deliverer like Obama was the Judgment of the left.
Hillary Clinton is the complete fury of the cup of the wrath of the Lord poured out.

You have shown what you value and how cheaply you value those moved by God. It is now sealed by Holy Angels in the Name of God in how by the same price God will value you.


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This is just beginning in the reckoning. They have unleashed the Name of the Lord falsely and this will follow them in the Consuming Flame.

I warned you before all of this began that 500,000 dollars is going to seem cheap compared to your lost soul forever from God.

He comes the whirlwind, before the perfect storm.

- Lame Cherry

Heed the Prophecy, for in January 2009, the Lame Cherry was moved by God to tell you that utter ruin would be manifested from the one called Barack Hussein Obama.

What did you put your life on the line over 7 years ago, in you had to be right about or it meant your death?

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