Friday, April 29, 2016

Patriot is now Rush Limbaugh's new Nigger word for Trump Voters


Lord spoke to Heidi...

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Indiana gov endorses Cruz...praises Trump!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

All of you should be greatly honored, as Rush Limbaugh has lowered himself to decide what new racial epitaph you will be labeled by, because "trumpsters" as this blog exposed is nothing but race hatred against Donald Trump and Mr. Trump's supporters, which has been coordinated directly with the Ted Cruz campaign against America, from Amanda Carpenter's "trumpers" to Rush Limbaugh's new Nigger word of "trumpeters" as Limbaugh mentioned "Trump Patriots" but "he (Limbaugh) had had a lot of suggestions what he can call Donald Trump and Trump voters."

This is Rush Limbaugh the Big Koch race rapist in full frontal exposure of everything that is behind the Cruz campaign, with their litmus tests of "You are not pasty white enough" unless you vote for Ted Cruz and worship at his knees.

That is what Rush Limbaugh is entirely about. We may have differences with Mark Levin over his political support, but Mark Levin has never stooped to race baiting and race hatred, the way Rush Limbaugh and Erick Erickson have, with Glenn Beck going Sharia race war against Evangelicals.

What is most amazing in all of the Limbaugh verbiage of Trump Niggers, as Limbaugh takes swipes at American Patriot Bobby Knight of Indiana, and terms black men as all rapists in attacking Mike Tyson for endorsing Donald Trump, is that Rush Limbaugh for Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter, with the flowing blonde hair of Heidi Cruz looking Aryan Rapunzel on Ted's book cover jacket, are trying the John McCain smears of how people on the right are wacko and the worst thing you can call them is Patriot.

Think of that in how disgusting the Cruz campaign has become with Trotksy Limbaugh, in literally like the Obama regime, the name LaVoy Finicum in being a Patriot is akin to terrorists and reactionaries, because if you love America more than Ted Cruz, there is a genetic defect in you, in which history reveals you will be rounded up to some gulag.

This is what Limbaugh is trumpeting today, more race hatred against American for Big Koch genocide of Americans, as the same Big Koch that Rush Limbaugh spent weeks of air time promoting, has just come out stating they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

If any of you have the opportunity to find Ted Cruz's book, which I did for 60 cents in a junk bin (160 cents too much so I did not buy it), I urge you to pick it up and be shocked at the back cover of that book. There is a woman on there who looks like Wagner's Valkyrie, with blonde flowing hair which made Farah Fawcett's look like a mop, and this is Heidi Cruz. Yes you know fat, ugly, scowling Heidi Cruz, who targeted Melania and Ivanka Trump in smears, that Heidi Cruz is so airbrushed she looks nothing like this hag in she is about a Size 2, instead of the Size 12 that pot gut of hers stuffs itself into.
Most troubling is one of the daughters has her head stuck between Heidi Cruz's legs peeking out. There is a very not quite right pattern in how the Cruz's stage photo ops with these two little girls in exploiting them for perverts.

This is a pattern though in the vouched-for Ted Cruz by Rush Limbaugh, who has now taken it upon himself to LABEL AMERICAN VOTERS with a new Nigger word. Is Patriot now to be Niggerized by Rush Limbaugh, along with every black man from Ben Carson to Mike Tyson who supports Donald Trump as a rapist to be feared, and American icons like Bobby Knight are to be smeared and torn down, as an example to all in this Big Koch Limbaugh Cruz political rape, that is what awaits all in the Cruz litmus test.

If Ted Cruz as Cruzifer needs an exorcism, Rush Limbaugh needs the whole Vatican council to get the race hating demons out of him.

Trump voters can define themselves as Americans, they do not need Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter and Rush Limbaugh finding new ways to call them Nigger.



Yes in this era of Big Conglomerate Obama, Cruz, Clinton, Limbaugh, we now have before us the Greatest symbol of American Love, John Wayne, the biggest Limbaugh Nigger of them all.

John Wayne Day rejected over racism concerns...