Tuesday, April 26, 2016

6 Reasons John Hawkins is a Moron


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John Hawkins, another paid leech of the Reagan Legacy, for the manifestation of the Prescott Bush conglomerate nazification of Obamamerica, posted on Town Hall, 6 Reasons Donald Trump Should Not Be President.
I will by God's Grace refute this quasi intellectual, as that is all that follows quasi intellectual Ted Cruz, are fresh off the boat and wet behind the ears types, who never knew of Ronald Reagan except for the propaganda Rush  Limbaugh indoctrinated them with, but first let us look at the 6 reasons Ted Cruz can not be President.

  • Ted Cruz is at the very least was a dual citizen of Canadian citizenship. That absolutely disqualifies Ted Cruz from running for President and being elected President on Constitutional Law.
  • Ted Cruz's wife wrote the radical white paper for the elimination of these United States of America. That is treason on Heidi Cruz's part and espionage on foreign birthed Ted Cruz's part.
  • Ted Cruz is a felony criminal in hiding Goldman Sachs funds, to the half a million dollar pay-off to Carly Fiorina as hush money for one of the many Cruz sexgate affairs Ted Cruz engaged in.
  • Ted Cruz has been laundering money to Rush Limbaugh to Mark Levin, in exchange for positive air time violating FEC and FCC rules.
  • Ted Cruz has been criminally bribing delegates.
  • Ted Cruz via Amanda Carpenter lynched black candidate Ben Carson, joining with an earlier lynching of Mr. Carson by Erick Erickson.

Let us now visit the farce of John Hawkins contentions against Donald Trump.

Lie #1: Donald Trump will order American troops to break the law. Donald Trump stated no such thing. This was another deranged moment seized upon by Cruz boogers desperate to find anything Mr. Trump says to smear him.

“I will not order a military officer to disobey the law,” he told the Wall Street Journal. “It is clear that as President I will be bound by laws just like all Americans and I will meet those responsibilities.”

 John Hawkins should stop LYING for Ted Cruz.

Lie #2: Donald Trump is too vindictive to be President.

Concerning the political assassination which Donald Trump has endured, from hired hatchets like John Hawkins, Mr. Trump has not retaliated on one person. In fact, in business, Donald Trump has never retaliated on any one.
In fact, Donald Trump has been generous, as he proved in being gracious to those who have savaged him. That is one of his flaws actually in he does not destroy the enemies of America.

Lie #3: Donald Trump can't control what he says.

Donald Trump is in full control of what he says, exactly as General Patton was. Mr. Trump understands that real Americans need someone like Davy Crockett to look up to, and is simply employing who Mr. Trump is as in Crockett political speak.

Lie #4: It is impossible to know where Mr. Trump stands on any issue.

To assist John Hawkins the moron, I can help as I actually have read Mr. Trump's white papers. Mr. Trump is going to simplify income taxes in rich people like John Hawkins are going to pay their fair share, and normal Americans who are not earning over 50,000 a year will not have to file income taxes.
Mr. Trump is going to secure the borders from invasion. Mr. Trump is going to renegotiate all of the unfair globalist trade deals against America. Mr. Trump is going to with Congress create a non mandatory price-competitive health care system for Americans to choose.
Donald Trump never deviates from his Reagan Core policies, and the fact is what John Hawkins can not comprehend, is that Donald Trump in his rallies is akin to having coffee with neighbors and discussing what is on his mind.

Lie #5: Donald Trump can not be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump understands that the nuclear card is a bargaining card, exactly as Ronald Reagan did in "the missiles are deployed" comment. Unless a President makes them a threat, they have no value.
If John Hawkins were to observe technical data, his Bush43 has been polluting the world with depleted uranium weapons poisoning nations, and there are signatures of nuclear spikes in the nuclear type weapons have been used in theaters in the Mideast.
As for Carpet Bomber Ted Cruz, that moronic policy fits John Hawkins lack of understanding either diplomacy or military doctrine.

Lie #6: Donald Trump encourages violence.

No Donald Trump does not encourage violence, but he certainly promotes Americans defending themselves from bullies and thugs at his rallies.
It is Ted Cruz who joined John Kasich in joining the Hillary thugs who attacked Mr. Trump on stage, along with police and Trump supporters.

The reality is I look forward to Ted Cruz being eliminated from having a chance at delegates, then apologists and liars like John Hawkins for Ted Cruz, can be fired by the billionaires who fund them, as the elite will hire people who actually can accomplish what the elite intend.

Finally, John Hawkins does not know his ass from a hole in the ground in "getting his Trump supporting friends", as Mr. Hawkins is too braintard, caught up in the lie that he, like Rafael Tedwardo Cruz is more intelligent than all of the lemmings.

His quote says what an asstard he is:

When my friends who love Donald Trump tell me they support him, I understand the reasons they find him attractive as a candidate. He’s a charismatic, politically incorrect outsider who fights and is promising to build a wall while he gets tough on immigration.

I get that.

John Hawkins does not get a thing, except everything wrong, because like Limbaugh they are all coordinating off the same Cruz talking point propaganda.

Trump voters chose Donald Trump not for attractive reasons, which is a forensic slip on John Hawkins part in couching this in "looks", because Trump supporters hear from Donald Trump thee exact things they are saying, and when Donald Trump gets hit, he stands there and does not back down.
It has nothing to do with Mr. Trump being an outsider or even building a wall. It has to do with Donald Trump was the only one....THEE ONLY ONE, who said the GOP needs its base while all the rest were saying it could be won without the base, and Ted Cruz was only in this to manipulate the base to see what kind of political position he could get when Jeb Bush stole another election.

Donald Trump is just an American from the stump, like Davy Crockett, like Abraham Lincoln, like Teddy  Roosevelt, like Ronald Reagan, who likes being around Americans and loves being an American, and Americans are loyal to a person like that, as they have been lied to, betrayed, used and manipulated by all of these Harvard and blue blood types who are on the inside and being rewarded............exactly as John Hawkins is, spurred on not by love of America or loyalty to this foreign fraud Ted Cruz, but because he has contacts, power and money propagating this same evil Obama Ryan Bush Clinton Cruz oligarchy of the conglomerate rule.

As TL just mentioned, this should be 6 reasons John Hawkins should not be allowed to publish propaganda, but over the next few weeks, no one will care, as I noticed on his Right Wing News, as Donald Trump is now securing the Republican nomination, that all of the keyboard assassins are no longer smearing Donald Trump, unless it is bro Limbaugh thinking Rush's Big Koch cover will protect him, and numbers of contributors have ceased posting on Right Wing News, because they have felt the tide shift, and want to be earning a living in the next 8 years, and not fired like Michelle Fields.

It would be such a pleasure to work with Roger Stone for a few months in a Trump Presidency to shut down the HW Bush Sub Operational Group funding, along with Hillary Corp funding, and then watch all of these trolls find out what life is like without cover.
Some like Matt Walsh and Glenn Beck have realized what is coming as their subterfuge has their puppet masters exposed and they will be offered up. I really think that Matt Walsh and John Hawkins would be suited in Patagonia, being the bitches, hooked to some third generation German exiled child's cart, as they pulled unser Hans around the garten.

Pick your exiles with care as the mule stalls just might keep you viable.

In a way, I feel sorry for John Hawkins and David Limbaugh, as they are like fat Herman Goering who was deemed by the GOPliters to be the carcass to be sacrificed as the Reich continued on in the shadows.
No one told fat Herman and no one has told John Hawkins, but Hawkins is just stupid, while Herman had the excuse of being doped up and wearing women's dresses in not seeing what was coming.

Those are the six reasons John Hawkins is a moron, in the number being one, in John Hawkins was not bright enough to run like the other rats in the sunken Cruz ship, and he thinks he has cover from the GOPliters, who only use him so they can hide in the shadows.

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