Tuesday, April 26, 2016

and then there was Life

Eggs flash as they meet sperm enzyme, capturing the moment that life begins

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In these End Times an incredible insight has taken place in the discovery what God has always seen and known, but was not visible to the human eye, and that is at the moment of conception, of the sperm fertilizing the egg, a brilliant nova of light appears in what is now the physical dimension of a human.

This Nova is the transference of the soul from God in which all of us come, into this embryo.

We now know for absolute certain in the miracle of life, that people become a living soul, at the exact moment that an egg is penetrated by a sperm.

What science has recorded and does not yet understand, is the degree of lights in these eggs. By natural instinct they view the brighter lights as more viable, but that is not the correct analysis, for the brightness of the nova is a reflection of who that person will be. Will they become a child of Light, a shadow upon life, or a dark soul.

I have written of this before in I believe that all of us, are from an unbeforetime. No not any reincarnation or that other satanic nonsense, but I do believe that people are baby souls and many of us know each other in this Heavenly incubator, awaiting to be born here, in the destinies we are shown and choose to live out to Glorify God.
It is why many of you get the Lame Cherry, because we knew each other long ago, and recognize each other by this association from Heaven. Others come here and find the Light, while others gnash upon it, for they chose to be shadows in the world or dark souls, who will not continue on.
It is a strange thing in the incubator of Heaven in we are all shown wonderful things which resonate and please us. Some it is power, some it is gold, some it is beauty, some it is golf, but they are all things they choose instead of God's Light.

It is concluded that these young children at the moment of conception are revealing who they will be in the Judgment. Many are called and few are chosen. The small percentage will be children of Light, while most will be ashes or sent to exile with demons in hell.

To actually behold this is an incredible obvous Wisdom of God, and is of course my exprience as many of you have with me, in reading something and saying, "Well that is obvious now that I read it," and for me what is more obvious than of course a soul which will be implanted with Light from God's Spirit of course would be brighter in conception than one which was not.

That is what God was accomplishing in the Adamic line with Eve. They were white people by design, to show the way to the Light, and God line-bred this group of souls who were more prone to be Light infused in Abraham and Sarah, with their offspring, in order to bring that Light to the world to redeem everyone to God.

By instinct everyone knows that black is something to avoid as black is decay, disease and danger, while the Light is healthy, regeneration and safety. It is the signs of moon waxing and waning and the signs of every day by the sun, as St. Paul teaches by the Holy Ghost that the very Nature cries out and reveals God's Plan.

Now we actually can see the manifestation. Strangely enough, science is practicing for God a Darwin Spiritual natural selection, as these scientists now are gravitating toward the embryos which have the greatest nova charge.

Can there be immense evil in these bright lights novas? Of course they can, because history records some of the greatest religious people, under attack from satan, gave up their calling as Lenin did, as George Stephanopoulos did, as others have done and satan infuses into their seared natures and they bring greater darkness into the world by their chosen dark spiritual nature.

This is all fascinating in we now know for certain that the soul appears instantly in the fertilized egg, or the instant each of us is conceived. It is not days or weeks or years. We are born with a soul, all of us, light or dark, God's or in rebellion against God, and we are all alive as we are now with the knowing, before our brains even develop thought to communicate with the soul in us.

It is a wondrous thing to witness the brooding of the Holy Ghost, sowing the breath of life into us in human form. I praise God for this as we need joyful confirmations as this to know we have purpose and meaning before we were and we were destined to become the children of God.