Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ted Cruz Outed By Rush Limbaugh As Fraud

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is amazing what Donald Trump cementing the delegate victory does to Big Koch Rush Hudson Limbaugh III's diatribe against trumpsters, now slurred as 'trumpeters', much to the consternation of Ted Cruz boogers, who today found out that Donald Trump is a "great guy" and hey you would love him as a friend, neighbor, but you know from Missouri Cape Gerardeau sophisticated standards, Donald Trump might say some things that those sophisticates which everyone from Paris to Tokyo all flock to in Cape G, might sometimes roll their eyes at......so just be prepared for that.

Because Rush really has 'trumpeters' best ideals at heart, as he worries that we have Ted Cruz all wrong. Ted Cruz is not a backstabber who started this Cassius fight, and Ted Cruz bribing delegates and using vote fraud, lynching black Ben Carson is all legal or just one of those mistakes by his Amanda Carpenter staff who never get fired............oh and Ted Cruz has never shot jizz in anyone but his wife or even thought about it, as Ted's marriage is so perfect, that well Ted is just perfect.

I will point to Ted Cruz calling his wife Heidi in Reverse Speech a LITTLE BITCH, for that perfect marriage, but then this is Limbaugh fantasy in half his brain getting it right in Donald Trump is a great guy with New York class and Limbaugh is vouching for a lying, cheating, stealing misogynist who is not eligible to be President as he is dual citizen.......but once again this is Rush Limbaugh fantasy as he calls Donald Trump voters the "nice version of Nigger" in "trumpeters", you know like not calling them Niggers, but like Bill Clinton calling Obama that "bright boy" and we are all supposed to be so pleased with the compliment.

The fact is Ted Cruz is a crook and if there was a People's Court this criminal would be hauled before it and convicted in a speedy trial for everything from invading America to politically raping every single deluded Cruz supporter.
Put it this way in the nice guy Ted Cruz that Limbaugh vouches for and says we all would like as a neighbor......as Ted Cruz is  the kind of guy who gets his nerdy comp friend, to sort through all the married women in town to find out which ones will jump into bed with him, the moment he starts whispering their husbands are cheating on them. That is what Ted Cruz did to his supporters in he tracked them down online, manipulated them according to their profiles and politically raped them by psychological triggers.

I have a big Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in this, because the Lame Cherry broke the exclusive that Rush Limbaugh is the one who coordinated with Ted Cruz to use the Nigger word, TRUMPSTER, because only Limbaugh was using it, and it appeared in Cruz talking points.......but today on April 26, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, Rush Limbaugh blurted out the following.

Rush Limbaugh informed the world of the Ted Cruz campaign strategy from DAY ONE. Limbaugh stated that Cruz positioned himself to be an outsider in this campaign. Meaning that is why he called Mitch McConnnell a liar. The reason he negotiated with Harry Reid for Green Eggs and Ham time in that farce. The reason he signed up for Obamacare. Ted Cruz is a phony and all of this was a campaign strategy in order to get at the GOP base which he knew Bush, Kasich and Paul were all going to ignore.
Ted Cruz decided that he could not win the nomination, but could swindle enough delegates by suckering voters to support him against the people who were ignoring them.

Limbaugh stated that Cruz NEVER factored in Donald Trump, and it explains why Cruz was busy, busy, busy trying to be in Donald Trump's pocket as a friend, because Cruz was figuring Donald Trump would be destroyed by the GOPliters and Ted Cruz would inherit those Trump supporters........as Ted Cruz confessed was part of his agenda all along in being a manipulative fraud.

Now ask yourself, how would Rush Limbaugh know the intimate details of the Ted  Cruz strategy, unless Rush Limbaugh had been coordinated with it, and as has been the Limbaugh money laundered part in this all along, Limbaugh has been violating FEC and FCC rules from the start, and lying to his audience, exactly like Mark Levin has been in hiding what was really being coordinated with the Cruz campaign.

So in knowing this, I say HELL NO will I ever forget any of this, as my life was and is on the line in trying to save America as these bastards were all getting rich and mind raping the populace. Ted Cruz is a scoundrel and every ilk from Limbaugh to Levin are scoundrels too, guilty of election fraud and crimes against humanity in picking on deluded people who could be manipulated.
I will cut the Cruz boogers some slack, as they had no idea they were being played psychologically, but I am not about to act like I will ever  trust them, as they proved they are open to online triggering and that is something which the anti Christ will trigger too.

So that is the fact, as I have stated all along, Limbaugh can not keep his big mouth shut ever. He always has to try and look smart as that Cape G Missouri sophisticate, like that braintard brother of his David, who thinks he discovers Biblical things that Saints put to rest in Martin Luther's time.

Ted Cruz has committed crimes. We KNOW that 500,000 to 800,000 dollars was paid to Carly Fiorina as hush money.....and we know that in Reverse Speech that Reince Priebus was paying off Cruz whores too as Priebus stated that. We know now that this Fiorina BLACKMAIL is getting her to be considered for this fictional Ted Cruz ticket, and that is as heinous as Joe Biden being an assassin against Lawrence Sinclair so Biden would get the VP slot on this foreign fraud Obama election stealing ticket.

That is why Ted Cruz belongs in jail. He is going to be blackmailed more and more, and by the Saudi's, Chinese and Russians.........oh just like he already owes the South Koreans and has North Korean nukes pointed at us due to Cruz's support for the South Kors.

No one calls me a trumpster Nigger, a trumpeter Nigger and gets away with it, no more than this is going away in the 60 million Trump Voters smeared by Ted Cruz and his entire Limbaugh fag mic brigade. They did nothing but try and destroy each and everyone of us for Big Koch and the GOPliters, and as William Tecumseh Sherman told a bastard in his day, "You went out of your way to not help me on my way up, so do not expect for me to go out of my way to help me on your way down".

I relish the thought of Roger Stone out there, and every Bobby Kennedy and Roy Cohen bastard out there, who are looking  to get in their political licks, retaliating in ways this Cruz ilk never dreamed.

"Mercy in this world is being intelligent enough to destroy an enemy, knowing  they will destroy you without mercy when they steal the advantage over you again."

- Lame Cherry

Rush Limbaugh just admitted to knowing the Cruz plan all along to manipulate everyone, and he never told his trusting half brains a word of it, and in this, Limbaugh outed Cruz as a damned fraud who created staged events to position himself as an "outsider" to sucker everyone of the Conservatives.

Not a good day for Ted Cruz. Blitzed by Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh outs all of your porn notes exposing what a serial political assassin Ted Cruz really is.

You Cruz people, your time is running out. You have been exposed as fools, and now every single person you sold your souls to have been outed as having absolutely no respect for you, because you are fools. Try not to be damn fools now, and start over.........and listen to what I am telling you. You do not have to believe it, but for your sake, at least quit jumping into the abyss I pulled you out of, when Cruz tells you to JUMP.