Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to DusTED

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The fact is on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, in the first series of the first popular elections free of fraud in America, that the America People gave Donald Trump an absolute annihilation of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in landslide after landslide.

It was refreshing to see elections free of Cruz criminal vote flipping, as this should have been the numbers Donald Trump was experiencing from Texas onward. America chose Donald Trump as President long ago, but it was confirmed on April 26th.

Ted Cruz has been crushed. He has absolutely been eliminated from the delegate race. He has absolutely been eliminated now from first ballot, second ballot and any ballot. The fact is that Americans love winners, and now the erosion against this loser Ted Cruz will become an avalanche started by the landslide victory provided to Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz has been exposed as the manipulative, twisted fraud of the Havana back alleys, and America rejected this Obama Birther in Cuban form.

Now these Cruz Delegarchs, who accepted bribes, have gone against the People's will in siding illegally with this criminal Cruz, are losing their cover. In an amusing interview on Rense.com Jay Weidner was reporting that the head of the Colorado GOP has been told he can not go home, because Republicans there are so FURIOUS that in all the threats the Police are receiving, they do not want to deal with this traitor in protecting him.
Mr. Weidner expects Cleveland now to make Chicago 1968 look tame. The warning being from the Lame Cherry assessment is the Hillary rent a mob should probably run and hide, as the armed Republicans are going to be there keeping track of these fraud delegates for Cruz in following them to their rooms.

Someday all of these Delegarchs and politicians have to come back to their states and face these Americans. There is a movement now in America and that movement now has an elected leader. Face that fact in Donald Trump has been chosen and elected as President already by millions of Americans from both parties.
The press and that includes everyone from Limbaugh to what is in the local media should be fully aware, that winning will unleash that American Spirit which Donald Trump has been teaching Americans to be again. Americans are going to start taking American back, and the ashes of this fraud Ted Cruz are the dust under their feet.

Ted Cruz is finished politically. He is malignant to the GOP in what he smeared Donald Trump with for the GOPliters and the GOPliters NO LONGER HAVE ANY USE FOR THIS FOREIGN FRAUD.
Cruz is a pariah who will drive business away from Goldman Sachs. His best bet is to go into Pataogonia exile and hope the Germans there do not make a burro out of him.

Lying, cheating, stealing Ted Cruz, Rafael Tedwardo Cruz, demonic usurpation of the US Presidency has been struck down like Michael the Archangel struck down Lucifer from trying to ascend the throne of God.

It is now the Donald Trump Republican Party as the Party of Reagan has been delivered from the Bush gulag to take back America and make America great again.

Möge Gott diesen Mann für seinen Willen Sein Instrument zu machen. Amen and Amen

#BernieSandersVoters, Hillary Clinton does not want you, come home to Donald Trump where you will have a voice.

PS: Jay Weidner reports Colorado is scheduling a vote of the people sometime in May.