Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Frost of Evolution

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have frost in my porch window whenever it gets to the 20 degrees and lower range. It is an interesting pattern based upon water structure, for if you consider what snow is, in a crystalline jagged pattern, rain is in a droplet extended by gravity, air, velocity and weight, and that hail is layered or stalactite projections, what God reveals in frost is a one dimensional pattern, while hoarfrost is a 3 dimensional pattern in the atmosphere.

Frost had a pattern, and the frost in this porch window is always distinct in the pattern, for it always appears as the fossilized imprint of the age of dinosaurs, and if one looks very close at these patterns, one can note that there are structures in it like vertebrae.

These patterns appear in the skeletal structure in clouds in the atmosphere, as much as the cumulus cloud is the fat structure, while cirrus the skin, and stratus the ribs and spinal columns often.

What I mean to explain in this is, water is the basis of life, for Genesis notes the Holy Spirit brooded upon the waters, or imparted to them life at the base structure.

The base structure in all of this is what we witness in nature. Water in various environments becomes all the the building blocks of what we deem advanced creation from the crystal which has a frequency to the human who has a frequency of life.

There was nothing surprising in this, if one observes water in various forms, in various interactions, because those forms one witnesses are all the characteristics of the plants, gems and animal life on planet earth. In water is the building structure to form all other structures to withstand this environment. Water is the Rosetta Stone of DNA structure, because in it's molecular combination elements build upon that structure and the necessary item is produced.
Place calcium with water and bones appear. Water combined with protein and hair and nails appear in unique forms of one extremely strong in being threadlike and the other extremely strong in a thin form.

What is the Lame Cherry exclusive in this in anti matter, is water tells the story of creation, in it's original form. From the primordial ferns and base life, we witness that in the modern age, thousands of years later, water when reproduced in plant and animal forms, where there is active life involved of will, those forms become more dynamic and refined in environment. Gems do not evolve to a higher form, as they are in a static environment and no process is involved, but for plants and animals one witnesses a true advancement out of necessity and design by will.

For example the fern in original form would be devastated from wind, animals, drought and cold. The oak has become a form which protects it's seed high in the tree. It has an armour to protect itself in  bark. It grows large to withstand storm. There are various genus of oak whose leave actually have become what was of necessity in dealing with humidity, wind, light gathering and weight.
The original frosted fern painted on one dimensional display, has within a short period of time, exposed to the forces of earth, has become a refined life form, specifically dealing with specific even color.

This is the Lame Cherry exclusive in God's Grace in matter anti matter.

One of these Laws of Nature puts a Newton, a Darwin, an Einstein on the list of greatness and by God I have hundreds.