Tuesday, April 26, 2016

waiting in prison for the afterlife

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The situation for Ammon Bundy, and those associated with him, like Pete Santilli is one in which they will either be put into a mental institution or die in prison, because all of these people are trying to put the people who worship and are nurtured by the criminal justice system on trial with Constitutional matters as the 4th Amendment or Jurisdiction motions.

Put it this way, if you are a suck up law school graduate like Ted Cruz, who sucks up to Supreme Court Justices, gets a suck up job as a Solicitor in Texas, who is throwing people into prison on no charges, and you get to be a federal prosecutor whose reward is the bench, and those on the bench who want to be rewarded with higher bench status.........are you going to go against the politicians who are going to nominate and vote on your position, who got LaVoy Finicum murdered, or are you going to throw a bunch of people in prison and be rewarded for that?

Of course, you are going to be throwing people into prison, as you are not going to be Lance Ito letting OJ Simpson go free.

You can not try the Constitution in a criminal court. You can not try the system. All one can do is be Gerry Spence or Johnny Cochrane and stroke prejudice in a jury to get your guilty client off.

Barring that, it is as old as Eric Holder suckering Bill Clinton to pardon Marc Rich, as the insiders get the pardons and the outsiders die in prison.

I have been placing on these pages the defense of this group, in showing forethought of malice, the regime being the source of the impeding employees of the government from conducting business and the precedent of why the Bundy group was armed, was due to the murderous planning of the the federales.

Put enough jurors into a jury box who can have affinity with you, triggering their own fears, and they will listen to your being innocent.Fail at that and you die in prison as a political prisoner.

This is why I stated that little girl singer who was in Mr. Finicum's pick up, should be out with her family raising a crapload of donations to find their way into the coffers of Clinton and Trump associates, where eventually a setting aside of the charges quietly could be initiated.

That is not high and mighty Constitutional rights, but it is all there is, because the system protects itself, and sometimes as in Oregon, the cartel is using you to break the system as a bigger shattering of America is designed.

These Americans are going to be  made an example of as the conglomerates want to exploit American resources and do not want to pay America for them.

I would that it was some other way, but there is not any Judge in this system who is going to find for anyone on the right. If Bundy was a transgender child molester, he would be out of prison and being paraded by Obama on the White House lawn, but all of this started with Lawrence Sinclair and Terry Lakin, and no one is going to beat the system which is set up to protect itself.

The mistake the Bundy group made was thinking they were more intelligent than the twisters in the regime, and allowing moles inside to report that they were vacating the Refuge. The federales were never going to let them be protected by a Constitutional Sheriff and that is why they were taken down hard.
There never was to be any trial. This was supposed to end in a bloodbath, with enough law enforcement dead and wounded to be good propaganda, and we would have had a dozens movies about this already branding these Bundy terrorists.

My advice is for all of these families to conclude their loved ones will die in prison, as there is not going to any parole. Dealing with that, and finding ways to raise the children and put food on the table is all they have left, as Ammon Bundy is not Nelson Mandela communism, set to turn over all the mineral wealth to exploitation in South Africa, as Bundy was against that.

There will not be any fair trials, only fair sentencing for life in prison.

Learn the lesson my children. Do not make yourself a target. It is never a matter if you are more intelligent than the regime, because Saul Alinsky is just as murdered as is Malcolm X. If you got things worth losing, then stay at home, and wait for Russians or Chinese to invade, if not, stay at home swear allegiance to any flag they offer like those behind the Iron Curtain.

Pay your taxes, pretend you are free, and work at electing Donald Trump, and do it legally and do not expect some popular girl to do everything for you. Then maybe you will get a break, more than Gordon Kahl who was given one by Ronald Reagan, but the regime system wanted him murdered over taxes, so the Reagan cover ran out.

It is easy to protest, but it not so easy to work for positions in the cartel and the regime to watch children being molested like Bill Colby did before he was taken out in thinking he was above it all too, but you sit there and wait until your opportunity comes, when some bigger target like Peking or Moscow is diverting every one's attention, and then you can do some good.

Otherwise you are fighting against the wind and waiting in prison for the afterlife which I doubt many Mormons ever get to in that cult..