Sunday, April 17, 2016


To the trash who dares to slap around a woman of whom the world is not worthy, then expects her to thank him for it.

Understand this, you retarded slag. Lame Cherry has been slaving away on this blog for OVER NINE YEARS. You "find" the blog recently, are too lazy to bother doing the tiniest amount of research in the archives, and assume your "judgement" magically gives you the right to piss on a Prophetess of God, who does not take abuse lying down, and YOU'RE the offended party in this?? Wow, must be interesting to side with rapists, wife beaters and animal torturers because you are just like them.

Jesus didn't suffer fools and neither do I.

If you are EVER found to be hypocritical in ANYTHING, God Will Demand Repayment from you. In Jesus' Holy Name this is Sealed, Amen and Amen.