Thursday, April 28, 2016

Black Chemtrails are Conshadows

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a new hysteria going around the internet which is being termed black chemtrails, and all it is, is a shadow off the contrail of a jet.

This must be another conspiracy rumor by the intelligence community to make people sound wacko, as something you children are figuring out is hitting too close to home.

I live under a major junction of air traffic, and I have seen these weird anomalies for years. In every case, they are created by dawn or dusk sun angle, as this is all about sun angle.

How these contrail shadows are created is simple. You have to be within the eclipse angle on the ground to witness it. The jet has to be traveling at height, and with atmospheric conditions to condense vapors, like seeing your breath in winter, to create a visible contrail, and the sun has to be at the correct angle to shine down the contrail, in order to create this conshadow.

What I am not saying though is, that they could not be mixing things into jet fuel which is kerosene, creating a more dense vapor trail, so these are appearing more, but I am stating is that this is not some new creation of black chemtrails.

They are not common as it takes perfect alignment of sun, jet and yourself, with correct upper condensation for the contrail. Perhaps those who have not seen them before had a different jet schedule change or the earth is lengthening in days, so there is different sun time in setting and rising that people then notice the conshadows.

Nothing to worry about in being scared of your own shadow or a conshadow, unless of course you are a Ted Cruz voter or the conshadow is from a chemtrail.

Just because a good looking chic tells you something it is not always true, but ugly Carly Fiorina is always lying to you.

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