Friday, April 22, 2016

Can we not all agree that Apollonia Kotero has better tit position than Prince

Apollonia Kotero going tits up would be something to Mourn
Large Breasts Are Comforting.
As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not going to take long as apparently in Minnesota drama is a gay thing. I can tell you what killed Prince. What killed Prince was being black.

That is racial not being racist. Prince died because he is a black, who could not control himself, no more than image Obama, no more than Eddie Murphy, no more than Bill Cosby.

There is not any mystery in this, no more than being fat white men killed John Candy, Chris Farley and John Belushi.

When you are hosing yourself down with dope like you are a 16 year old kid and over 40, like Michael Jackson, sometimes you get assassinated, and sometimes your liver and heart just give out and you go purple and it ends your reign.

America is a pathetic nation, when pathetic little twerps go out and binge and bring flowers to a Minnesota black pariah, who did nothing for any of these people, could care less about any of these people, and will never do anything for these people.

Prince's music is garbage. No is going to re record it for any value. His vault is full of more garbage music which will be released for morons to buy and worship, extorting more money from morons who probably deserve to be robbed.

There is no mystery in being an old black dude and your heart stops, because you are a dope head man whore, acting like you are a kid. Julianne Malveaux on PBS drooled over this fate for Clarence Thomas in old black dudes die of heart attacks all the time on the young side.

I just would have prefered Prince to have gone out in a blaze. Like 100,000 Somalians dragging him through the streets in Muslim rampage, burning their way to St. Paul where sodomite Mark Dayton lives, torching it all, and then ass raping Prince's corpse like the Muslims did in Benghazi. Now that would have been sporting and as no one cares about Americans murdered by Obama Clinton in Benghazi, or anywhere else in this world from Syria to LaVoy Finicum in Oregon, then why should not Minnesota be lit up.
Certainly better than going tits up from too much drug store over the counters and leaving body fluids in the elevator.

Prince is dead. Let us just all agree that his widow did well for herself. She put up with a dope head narcissist, and now can hire herself a whore mob of 18 year old males to tell her she is not an ugly old Nig and at least one person will enjoy themselves in all of their misery called Minnesota.

That sounds like something out of the Indian Mahabharata........

"Can anyone in Minnesota really be happy in Minnesota?"

Sorry Viking, no offense intended as my feed store guy is from Minnesota and I really like him......out state though as he never floated down the Minnesota River yet.

See gorgeous black girl Apollonia Kotero trying to look white, and freak Prince looking like Jimmy Hendrix in life and death. Can we not all agree the world is a better place that Apollonia is still tits horizontal and that Prince is Darwin appropriate tits ups.