Monday, April 11, 2016

Criminal Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a fact in America, that EVERY "victory" in which Ted Cruz has been a part of, can be absolutely defined as the literal felonious theft of that state.

Ted Cruz has won nothing. What Ted Cruz has accomplished is from lynching Ben Carson in Iowa, to vote flipping in Kansas and Texas, to the latest in Colorado, where Cruz is not even bothering with people voting any more.....instead Cruz just has Riense Preibus phone up the delegates to menace them behind closed doors, and out Tweets a #NeverTrump, exposing all the crimes and the GOP leadership runs out screaming about no crimes were committed.

Look at the REALITY in America. Under Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton in the GOPliters in Riense Preibus and Debbie Schultz, Muslim women have more damned voting rights than American men and women.

What the hell do we have to have now in all of this Cruz  Clinton crime? All of us have to run around with our fingers dyed in purple? What good would that do though with no one being allowed to vote any more in Colorado?

None of this is new, as Wyoming was the same criminal conspiracy as in Colorado.

For the facts in the Republican party alone:

Riense Preibus and Ted Cruz are guilty of:

  • E vote fraud
  • Bribing delegates
  • Paying hush money to Cruz whores
  • Graft for jobs
  • Threatening delegates with IRS and FBI investigations
  • Using Islamic terror money from terrorists.
The above are all facts proven by the Tweets, Reverse Speech and actions of Ted Cruz and the GOPliters to steal this election from Donald Trump and the American People.

Ted Cruz is ineligible in being foreign born and having more than one citizenship status. That is Constitutional Law.

Yet that is now the least in the growing crimes of treachery and treason. For the first time in American history, delegates were forced to choose Ted Cruz unanimously WITHOUT ANY VOTER PARTICIPATION. There was not any election or caucus. Nom de Deus people, at this moment, there is more voter freedom of candidates and elections in Tehran, Pyongyang and Peking.

Russia with Vladmir Putin is a more free and fair society. Muslim terrorists have a more free and fair society than America, and the criminals behind this from Ted Cruz, and all of his vouching Rush Limbaughs, Mark Levins and Erick Erickson for principles and character are the epitome of the worst despots in history to ever be spawned out of Red Square or the Forbidden City.

This is America dead and buried in the Obama Abyss. The right to free and fair elections has ended, and Ted Cruz is the poster boy for it just like Hillary Clinton, and it is Riense Preibus and Debbie Schultz for the same Conglomerates who had the FBI shoot down LaVoy Finicum over mining rights and has been storm trooping in Ferguson Missouri to herd blacks back onto the reservation Obama has been genociding for profit.

America is a Conglomerate Oligarchy and the traitors are named Cruz and Clinton, and their Goebbels are named Limbaugh, Levin and Erickson.

This entire lot of criminals belong indicted and facing federal trials with the death penalty on the table, for this is every bit as worse as the Japanese at Pearl Harbor and bin Laden on 9 11, as this is a direct attack to holocaust the most necessary of American Rights in the Right to free and fair elections.

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