Monday, April 11, 2016

With friends like Erick Erickson, Ted Cruz needs no enemies

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a personal note to Ted Cruz and Riense Preibus for when you are summoned, and on your knees before the Big Koch or is it Big Saud, and you are sucking for all you are worth, and you are told to tell it to the dick, just remember this little warning.

I had thought that cucksucker Rush Limbaugh was the biggest cuck whore on the planet in not being able to keep his mouth shut. I mean that cuck will just not swallow, as he keeps on spewing out Big Koch's secrets as he wants to be some popular prostitute.
Erick Erickson has honestly taken over that place now, in all the things he hears braced upon his master's knees comes spewing out and making a mess of things.

Riense faggo, how hard is it to tell the girls to kiss and swallow man?

Red Rag is acting like a whore's tampon in just gushing all the juicy information out. I mean telling the world the Preibus plan with Ted Cruz that this is the week that Ted Cruz stole the election from Donald Trump is just stupid.
If this was about trying to unnerve Trump voters, it is one thing, but this is not. This is about revealing the pillow talk and knee bracer plans which Erickson has been privy to listen at the door too.

I realize it hard for the prissy boys to all wanting be popular girls like me, in having exclusives every day, but to suck and spew is like pillow talk to a CIA whore with an NSA mic in the pillow. It just lets the KGB know what is the criminal plan.

The cucksters are viewing this as "wins" when in criminal courts this call life in prison.

  • Cruz won Utah with 69% of the vote, sweeping all of Utah’s 40 delegates.
  • Cruz won delegates out of Louisiana that were available.
  • Cruz then won the North Dakota delegate race, taking 18 out of 25 delegates. Trump got only 1 publicly supporting delegate.
  • Cruz won in Wisconsin, getting close to 50% of the vote and winning 36 out of the 42 delegates by winning most Congressional districts, with just 6 delegates for Trump.
  • Cruz won the Colorado delegate selection process, winning all of the delegate races, either with Cruz bound delegates or Cruz-supporting unbound delegates, a total of 34 delegates.
  • Cruz has been winning the ‘other’ nomination race, the race for actual delegates, even when bound to Trump.  In places like Georgia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and many other states. For example, this weekend in Iowa, a CD is sending #CruzCrew delegates to Iowa.

There is a finite number of Preibus folks and billionaire cocks. There is a finite number of cucks telling the prostitutes things that should not be told, because they are criminal things.......which let us review this as it involves:

  • Bribes
  • Electronic election tampering
  • Threats to delegates in blackmail of unleashing the IRS and FBI to menace them
  • Misuse of public offices.

Let us just use this example:

Riense Preibus menaces everyone in the GOP leadership in Colorado as Ted Cruz pets the pubes on some nice young children, promising things. Then like in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, all Trump strongholds, a complete Joe Stalin landslide takes Wisconsin.

Colorado GOP hastily deletes '#NeverTrump' tweet following ...

The Colorado GOP is in hot water after a Tweet appeared to show the party siding with Ted Cruz & denouncing Donald Trump.. Live-updated Colorado news, weather ...

The difference is, unlike South Carolina and Tennessee in the molesters keeping their mouths shut after the sodomization, one of the raped children actually liked it, and rushed out and posts, WE did it.

Was this a mouse in the pocket of the election thief for Cruz?

Oh my, that sort of blurted out too, did it not in who benefited but Ted Cruz, so he is in on the WE, and so is Riense Preibus in on the WE, and WE have "DID" something which stole all the delegates, by some persuasion which ........could it be a THREAT in COERCING delegates, that translates into WE CRIMINALLY TAMPERED WITH THE ELECTION IN THREATENING DELEGATES.

That sounds a great deal like criminal acts and it of course is, because the Colorado leadership was horrified all this crime was put on Twitter for the world to see. That means the whispers start in "She got the job for selling her vote", "How do you think he afforded that Mercedes" and, "I'm scared because if they said I talk the IRS is going to audit us".

iPhone account, linked directly to the Colorado what kind of pillow talk would one avail to have a phone of a party leader in the basement of an ice hockey arena....probably frostbit the genitals eh?

All of that pillow talk and now 80% of the electorate just looking for crimes for the wrongs that have been committed.  How long do you think it might be, before Hillary or Bernie decide a nice scandal surrounding Ted Cruz would be good for the 2018 elections, and then there is the matter of destroying the GOP right forever, as Jeb is young enough to make another presidential run.........and the Bush people just love removing all contenders with the very crimes they initiated.

But those cuckers just can not stop bragging about something they heard by the keyhole, which is what they only equate as winning, but those behind it ......see computer program fraud, bribes, blackmail and misuse of public office.......the last one does not seem like much, unless of course it is US Representative or United States Senator, then that does get interesting, and all of those billionaires not looking to be like Martha Stewart and being forced to turn it all over like Bill Gates to save their skins.........that does make a little Tweet or a little bragging on Red State a bit more interesting when a US Attorney in a Clinton regime comes knocking.

Ted Cruz has a zero percent chance of being President.

Ted Cruz has a 50% chance of being President with Jeb Bush as Vice President. which case Ted Cruz has a 100% chance of being replaced by Jeb Bush.

Ted Cruz also has a 90% chance of being in prison in a Clinton regime in order to pave the way for a Jeb 2020.

Ted Cruz needs no enemies, as his vagabonds are whispering the secrets from the dark places.

Mr. Cruz and Mr. Preibus, you need to deal with your gossips, before your owners start demanding explanations, and before the Mr. on your names, becomes INMATE followed by numbers.

Loose lips not only sink ships, but loose lips give bad blow jobs.

- Lame Cherry

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