Monday, April 11, 2016

Lame Cherry Free Speech Taxed Quarterly Or There Will Be Fines

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really am in a mood which most of you will not give a rat's ass about, but for the few who do and are not stealing from me my widow's mite, I just had some wonderful IRS news delivered to me about this blog.

See for all of you who think this is all free, because you are like Ted Cruz on Colorado votes in being thieving bastards who do not deserve the name American on you, the IRS is now demanding that like all businesses, I have to file taxes on PROJECTED EARNINGS.

For the Cruz brains, that means in order to write this blog, I have to pay the IRS every 4 months the "taxes I may not owe", so I will not be penalized......yes if I do not write a check out and mail it in on time, I will be penalized as in fines for paying money, projected on donations from you ...........I was about to use a series of four letter words describing you people, but donations from people who do not donate.

This is quite novel really, in if I do not beg enough from a few good people who are already paying too much in my view to prop up your thieving asses, then the IRS will fine me.

Most businesses have to pay quarterly, as the regime is so bankrupt it needs to extort money from people who actually do work. A blog though you would think is different, but it is even more penalized.
Let me be clear about this though in this blog is a real blog, not some Red State billionaire fag thing, where someone like Rush Limbaugh has an accountant he hires for 100,000 a year, which is a tax deduction he never pays for, doing all of this.

I honestly am at a point, that I understand those grimy Occupy  Wall Street paid protestors, in all of those anarchists. There is no such thing as free speech or the free press, as this is now like a mafia protection racket where the cop comes in for his bag of donuts and bag of cash so the business does not burn down.

I am not bitching about this to the people who have donated, and were genuine, because it grates me to beg and it bothers me to accept money from people I like. I am just in shock yet, as with this Obamacare waiver I thought I was going to get some good news, but instead I got this wonderful burden, and then when I asked what happens if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz gets elected if I would get this money back...........I WAS LAUGHED AT IN SCORN. I kid you not.

So at this moment I really hate and loathe you non donors with every spark of the Spirit of God in me. I can not even work for God, without having regulations the GOP put into place with image Obama, forcing me to not just pay taxes, but now I have to pay taxes for writing a blog and if I do not do it every quarter from now on, I will be fined for greater payments.

I was standing there stunned looking at my RFID tag on the bottom of the payment slip. I have my own anti Christ code now, and all I need is it tattooed on my ass to make me an official bangs vaccinated heifer grazing on the plantation.

I honestly do not know what the fuck these Jesuits and Muslims want in America. Sure they lure them in with free stuff, but shit pot hannah, girl from tarzana, they will make them into a regime ATM machine soon as the ink dries too.

At this point, I am all in favor of God wiping this human race from the planet. I only hope I can have a beer with TL and Mom, on the lawn, as we watch Wormwood or Pyongyang rain death on this once God blessed nation.

This blog is now penalized for thinking. Nom de Deus, if only this was like the good olde Soviet Union, I could be sent into exile, trap rabbits, grow my garden and speak freely and never pay taxes as a good comrade.The Soviet Union is more free than Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz's America.

Oh by the way, I heard Limbaugh blaming Donald Trump for having Colorado stolen from him...but in Cruz speak it was not really stolen from him, because the insiders knew the rules were changed last August so it was all fair.

To paraphrase John Wayne and the Supreme Court looking at porn............I know what goddamn cheating, extortion and repression looks like and I do not need someone lying to me, telling me that I have to like it.

Pay your taxes my children, even taxes on donations which do not exist, because I am not going to a target of the IRS or this regime, and neither should you. There is just no human multi millionaire out there with that 350,000 dollar donation, so the only comfort I am getting is praying Wormwood makes a big fucking splat in the Pacific, tidal waves most of the west coast, bounces to fry the interior and then pastes the east coast to oblivion.
I think I am going to go check and see if God and the Angels might be walking by as for Abraham, before Sodom and Gomorrah..........and sister you can bet your sweet ass, that I am not going to be interceding if only 10 good people are found for God to spare.
Scorched earth is the only solution from God, but I will pay my taxes on donations which do not exist until then.

Do you get the idea that someone is trying to shut this blog down.