Friday, April 8, 2016

Cruz coordinating with Clinton & Obama Targeting Trump Women

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Exactly as the Obama regime turned the IRS against the Tea Party, the regime using Consumer Protection has unleashed against Ivanka Trump in the illegal smear, intimidation and electioneering, against her father Donald Trump.

This pattern has now been established, because it was a Ted Cruz PAC with Hillary Clinton supporters who smeared Melania Trump in a ruthless campaign ad, and now the new attack is to go after a new mother in Ivanka Trump over "fire hazard Chinese scarves".

For those who think this just happens, it does not. The Obama Clinton regime brought this forward to the Chinese regime in Peking, who was already screaming about losing their rapine over America with the election of Donald Trump. It was a simple quid pro quo, in having China manufacture scarves out of material, spray it, and then by miracle, Obama-appointed regime officials started burning Ivanka Trump scarves, as we all know that Walmart and Cabelas clothing are ignited daily in testing too...........that is sarcasm, as this was meant to target Donald Trump by getting at his daughter, just before the New York primaries.

The reality is Ted Cruz will not win New York, but the GOPliter coordination with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is to force Mr. Trump's numbers under 50% so he will not take all the delegates. This is the reality of the Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, GOPliter and Obama regime coordinated attack against Donald Trump, as Rush Limbaugh tells the world that New Yorkers just love Ted Cruz pissing on them and calling them sub human.

If you need this spelled out, this is criminal. The GOPliters used Chinese contacts to create material which would be flagged, and then the Obama regime was already looking for this material, and the Clinton and Cruz campaigns made certain the stories were all through the media to make a story of this. All of these treacherous types belong in prison for 20 years.

That is what this is all about, and this ilk is going after the Trump women first, proving what sniveling cowards they are. More of this is coming and it is going to be more heinous and deadly.

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