Friday, April 8, 2016

Evidence Shows Oregon State Police Engineered Pick Up Crash of LaVoy Finicum

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In the files of the investigation of the murder of LaVoy Finicum, there is something troubling, about a mountain of troubling things in that investigation, for investigators recorded something which quite frankly is reckless endangerment to cause a fatal crash by Oregon State Police.

It has to do with spikes in the road or the equivalent of metal objects to blow out tires on a vehicle which law enforcement intends to stop.

In the evidence recorded, the metal strips to blow out the tires, were only on one side of the highway, which is why LaVoy Finicum was forced to crash his pick up into the ditch.
From the exact drawings, we see that Mr. Finicum skidded to the left in trying to avoid these spikes and almost ended up crashing into the unmarked law enforcement vehicles.

One can rely on law enforcement, but some say Mr. Finicum was driving 50 mph, some 70 mph and some had him over 80 mph. Having some experience in deep snow, I am certain that if Mr. Finicum was going at those speeds when he hit that bumper deep snow, that he would have carried around the roadblock and been in John Day that afternoon.
It does deal with snow density and pack, but if this was hard pack, his Dodge frame would have buckled. This was cleared snow from the highway, and I believe at 40 mph he would have made the ditch, and with 50 it would have been a certainty.

We know from Shawna Cox's iphone recording that there was not any shock stop, or things thrown around in the vehicle, so this was a cushion stop. I therefore believe that Mr. Finicum simply avoided a direct crash, and glided his pick up into the ditch, and never attempted to accelerate to run the road block.
It is a matter that he is an Arizonan, and people from the south do not have great experience in busting snow in it's various types from the concrete drifts of Montana to the heavy snow mass of New York. I once skidded Mom's Buick through frame deep snow on a road of over 30 feet with only a run of about 40 mph hitting the drifts. That was of necessity as she was in the hospital and it was 40 below outside and leaving the car on the road would have meant it not starting for some time.

It is negligence for law enforcement to put out spikes on only part of the road, especially when those spikes are 20 yards away from a road block. The entire purpose of spikes is to blow tires to slow a vehicle down, so a crash would be avoided. Those spikes point to a deliberate act and a worthless placing of them, as Mr. Finicum would have had to have been crawling along at 20 mph.
When Oregon State Police was firing at Mr. Finicum at 100 yards, it is not like he is going to be prone to stop, or think anything but he is about to be murdered. So the conclusion of the spikes is that the ambush was to murder him, and everyone in that vehicle.

What most of you have missed is Mr. Finicum is being chased by the former traffic stop police. The drone cleverly cuts that part out of the picture, but he has a high speed vehicle closing on him and chasing him directly into that ambush, by diverting his attention.

It is a glaring reality in those spikes are not all the way across the road to blow the tires and stop the pick up. In criminal cases of responsibility as much as in civil cases, that is what rings up the jail time and the big settlements, because negligence that causes people's deaths, plays with juries minds, even more than Deschutes County investigations, taking what is settled as scripted accounts of "Finicum was armed" and "justified shooting", to the reality of spikes in the road to cause a car crash, and then shooting an unarmed man who is trying to surrender is murder.

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