Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cruz Limbaugh Criminal Racketeering

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Now that it has been conclusively established that Rush Hudson Limbaugh III conspired with the illegal Ted Cruz campaign for President, in receiving money laundered through campaign ads, while defrauding all of the other GOP candidates, including the racist smears of "trumpster" against Donald Trump and his supporters, this is now a legal matter of the FEC Federal Elections Commission and the FCC, Federal Communications Commission in direct violations of laws, unknown in American history or the scope of the racketeering.

Rush Limbaugh in unfair election practices did not disclose his associations with the Cruz campaign and the coordination with that campaign, including the inducement and creation of the racial slur against Americans of "trumpsters". This is illegal, and in doing the amount of free advertisement time Mr. Limbaugh provided Mr. Cruz illegally, one could factor this out from September 2015 to the June 2016 period, of 2 hours 15 minutes per day of pro Cruz commentary, with attacks upon Donald, this is a 6 day a week onslaught, which equals 13 hours 15 minutes per week of free ads piggybacked upon the "Cruz campaign ads" which is 53 hours per month or 530 hours of illegal free air time for Ted Cruz.

All of this criminality started in Wisconsin, when two radio stations violated the law in giving Scott Walker millions of dollars in free air time. The FCC in Obama age criminal fashion, meaning the CIA Mockingbird ruled that stations had wide leeway to act in criminal ways.

In some cases the FCC enforces rules as in Texas, but in other cases, it deems it a criminal right.

Rush Limbaugh's program is managed in marketing through Berk Marketing, and there is absolutely no place a recorded per spot fee, which of course would out Rush Limbaugh for the intelligence asset he is, simply because his EIB does not generate the fifty million dollar salaries, nor operating costs in all the radio stations. Limbaugh is money laundered intelligence funding, and in 2016, Ted Cruz just happens to be laundering Robert Mercer funds into Limbaugh, Levin, Beck and Erickson's accounts.

In a Trump Presidency this must be addressed for the criminal acts they are in money laundering. When Wisconsin is guilty of giving Scott Walker millions in air time, then literally Rush Limbaugh is guilty of offering hundreds of millions in air time to crooked Ted Cruz, and as it will do little good to offer equal air time, Rush Limbaugh's assets should be seized as Rush Limbaugh owes Donald Trump, John Kasich, Jeb  Bush, Mike Huckabee etc... over a billion dollars in reparations.
This goes to the reality of Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson and Mark Levin who were part of this scheme, as much as FOX with Megyn Kelly. News and public airways are a public trust, and they can not be blantantly hijacked by billionaires and their profit stooges like Limbaugh to subvert the American election process.

This is what requires to be reviewed and adjusted, and I can think of no one better than Roger Stone and James Carville as FEC and FCC oversight heads, reviewing the 2016 election overthrow and handing out penalites to all media, which those who engaged in these criminal acts have their assets seized and reparations paid to those who were wronged in the right and the left.

Furthermore Attorney General Chris Christie will be called upon to unleash a complete investigation of these criminal acts with Grand Juries indicting the guilty and putting them into prison for the hundreds of multiple counts of election fraud and theft, as this is an organized racket and racketeering is covered under RICO.

These are American communications and elections, not Ted Cruz and the Beckers, led by Rush Limbaugh. Crimes have been committed and race hate has been unleashed by the Cruz campaign in the "trumpster" slur which is as ugly as the word Nigger.

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