Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Pretend Presidency of Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I type this, I am just sitting down from finding TL's pet kitty run over on the road and I got to chase two buzzards off of him. This blog comes with a extremely high price in TL has counted 41 animals of ours have been murdered in the past year from kitties, to chickens, to goats to calves, to my mind just shuts down as I can not deal with all the holes I have dug.

It is realities like that in my world, which correctly terms Ted Cruz and those desperate deluded souls who cling to him, as RAT FINK.

Yesterday Donald Trump was provided by the Grace of God, free and fair elections and the people of these disUnited States gave Mr. Trump landslide victories, over Ted Cruz who was utterly rejected.

Yet Sean Homo Hannity announced today from FOX in an exclusive, yes Megyn Kelly, that another rat fink move by Ted Cruz the foreigner, is now to name his Vice President as horse face Carly Fiorina.
This is not an announcement, this is the move a despeRATe fink would make in losing, in trying once again to get the women's vote from Donald Trump by appointing the Cruz Shemale of the campaign who has these stellar accomplishments.

Carly Fiorina ruined Hewlett Packard.
Carly Fiorina lost her California Senate race after sucking up all the funds from other Tea Party candidates.
Carly Fiorina was obliterated by voters choosing Donald Trump over her.
Carlyl Fiorina blackmailed from Ted Cruz 500,000 dollars to keep quiet about Cruz sexing one of Fiorina's interns.

Ok fired from HP, Women in California would not vote for her over a Democrat Woman, normal Women voted for Donald Trump over Ms. Fiorina, and she blackmails Ted Cruz to getting the VP slot on the ticket.

When it comes to being President, the first example of if someone is a President or not, is who they choose for Vice President. Ted Cruz's idea of being Presidential is to pick a loser who has to blackmail people to get what she wants. That sounds like Hillary Clinton.

It appears since Ted Cruz could no get Hillary on his ticket, that he chose the next shemale thing in Carly Fiorina.

I am trying to figure out though in this in how this all will play out, as Ted Cruz is Luv they Jew and Nuke thy Muslim, and Carly Fiorina is holocaust thy Jew and promote Muslim oil terror.

That mix just seems like greasy oil Ted Cruz with weak as water Carly Fiorina.

All of this should be mocked and ridiculed as another despeRATe move by  Ted Cruz. One day it is get John Kasich to collude with Ted against Mr. Trump and the next day when that does not work, it is get John's ugly brother, Carly to join him at the hip.

None of this is going to matter, as Cruz plots like LBJ and Robert McNamara another stunning defeat in Vietnam as the devil is in the details in Ted Cruz, as Carly Fiorina is a dead weight on the sunken Cruz craft laying at the bottom of the Red Sea.

I would laugh at this, but it is so ludicrous what Tedwardo just did again. I actually am more interested in who Jeb Bush's Vice Presidential pick will about John Kasich as he has a few delegates......let's get them all in the race in picking all these Vice Presidents who will never be near a ballot to be voted on.

This is like Ted Cruz's 13 points on which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are alike. 9 of them are pure Lyin' Ted Cruz, 3 are the kind of lie you go to hell for, and 1 is a fact that when America sits down at a negotiating table they should treat both sides fairly, and not favor Jews over Muslims, as Muslims tend to get furious and send out terrorists.

I really believe that Ted Cruz is in the process of having a mental breakdown in he is going nuts. I wonder how far this will go, in will he start playing Hail to the Chief, and have a pretend nuclear football to carry around, along with spray painted red plastic phone as his pretend hotline to Moscow?

Where does any of this end in the Obama nuttery which Ted Cruz is now manifesting. You have to be the presumptive nominee to pick a Vice President, but then Ted Cruz does not obey any rules in his cheating marriage, stealing votes and lying about Donald Trump.

Maybe this will be some Japanese anime, Fairy Tales, the Pretend Presidency of Lyin' DespeRATe Ted Cruz.

I honestly would be ashamed to be a Ted Cruz supporter, but then I am not Mark Levin.