Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some things to just have Around

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People always are inclined to survival gear and things, but in most cases  the oddest things are what we need.

Take for example, Murphy's Oil Soap, which is a basic ingredient of Ballistol or Moose Milk, a German gun cleaner of type for black powder. This stuff cleans your floors great, but then I came across this interesting post, and as more and more people have skin diseases from frankenfood, I thought I would share this one as another miracle cure I have not tried.

My sister has psorisis and has kept it in check for years by using Murphy's Oil Soap as her "treatment". All through high school and early adulthood she tried all of the prescriptions out there, then after several people telling her to try the Murphy's, she read in a magazine about it and finally tried it and it cleared it right up! Now she only has to use it occasionaly to clear up flare ups.

It certainly is cheaper than 50 dollar a visit doctor appointments and a 1000 dollar in pharms a year if it would work.

I have posted the squaw cure that I found online which cured those satanic things on Mom's face which literally amazed me and everyone else. It never hurts to have things in your cupboard sitting there and apparently Murphy's Oil Soap is the cure for a type of skin disease.

Apparently works as a garden pesticide too.

·        1 tsp. Dr. Bronner’s Soap or Murphy’s Oil Soap (true soaps rather than potentially harmful detergents; it’s the fatty acids from animal fats that kill the bugs; don’t just grab your liquid dish soap.)
·        3 TBSP Cayenne pepper
·        1 TBSP vegetable oil (helps the soap to stick to the critter).
·        1 quart warm water

Pour mixture into a spray bottle, shake to combine.

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