Thursday, April 14, 2016

Donald of the Deal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Is it not amazing what one little Reince Priebus crook story with Canadian Ted Cruz will avail itself with apparently someone behind the scenes leveraging these criminals to act like Americans and not their 3rd world immigrant sperm and womb donors.......that even gay Karl Rove is getting the message that being ass raped in prison until shit runs out of you when you sneeze as your sphincter is loose as too often blown up rubber balloon is "warming" to Donald Trump..........


and yet the Cruz boogers, like Rush Limbaugh are about 6 months behind on the real story being recorded in Reinse Priebus' Diaries.

But first let us have a song as I feel like singing a song I detest as much as dead doper Glenn Fry.

The Heat Is On -

According to the The Heat is On Songfacts it was decided a popular artist was needed to sing this song. The Beverly Hills Cop soundrack album was on MCA Records ...

I suppose you missed it too, in the Lame Cherry was proven right again, in the matter anti matter exclusive of Ted Cruz was providing kickbacks to major media mic heads to buy 11 hours a day of positive press coverage.....
Oh my, that is an FCC and FEC crime...............

Manafort - April Will Be Very Bad Month For Cruz
Charges Dropped In Bogus Case vs Trump Campaign Mgr
CO GOP Resolution To Deny Trump Delegates March 22
Did Cruz Buy Off Beck And Levin?
Cruz Is Selling 'Top Deputy Delegate' Positions To Donors

Never mind in those exclusives did not appear on Conservative Treehouse first, or anywhere else on the net first, and only the Lame Cherry which has been plagiarized again # - $ + X

Let us discuss Paul Mancock who is also known as Paul Manafort, which is a good name, but this guy working for Donald Trump is what Roger Stone wanted to grow up to be as Roy Cohen pretended to be. Mancock is this title of  this male, as he is pure political testosterone.

I really like the people Donald Trump chooses to carry out his orders. Extremely professional and they get the job done...........and we once again return to I wonder what it is (crimes) that a certain group of people got caught with that is causing them all to go to the knees before President Donald Trump.
Just what could it be that is bringing thee most notorious and heinous of traitors to America to submission.......and the Diaries have not yet informed Crubio that the game has changed.

I remember a time in America when  powerful people did things, and made these cuckers much so that they did not appear on television without realizing they would be on a rape boat to India for daring to challenge those in authority.

I have a story. Long ago, your parents watched a religious movie about Jesus back in the day. This is a finite number of Jesus movies before Mel Gibson. Seems there was this Jesus actor who had this certain woman get him drunk, and she fucked him on the set and the Studio head walked in on the drunken Jesus as that was what was intended.
Such a story in moral America would ruin a studio and cost a fortune, so the head just said to the gold digger what was her price......she named it, but for some reason she disappeared and was never heard from again. Yes you can imagine what place in a Latin American whorehouse she ended up doped on opium, until she was room temperature earning money for a brothel........but I digress.

See that is my kind of America. America with a price, and the kind of America I believe Donald Trump is realizing he is going to have to conduct behind the on state puppet show. People are going to have to be hired to put the scare into people who have no sense. Such scare that SOG's do the bidding of the President and everyone understands that their ruin is a certainty, and that there will not be any George Soros or George Bush media smears to voice their playing with fire stories.
America would be good to have a discipline like Franco provided to Spain for a generation, where political thinkers had their brains boiled out in Africa to take their vim and vigor from them in the military, and where Citizens could leave their wallets on a park bench for a week and no one would steal it for the thieves were all somehow rigorously dead.

If the Cruz boogers have not noticed.......and that includes Mark Zuckerberg and Matt Walsh, the real masters of this world have had their closet boys backing off. For the MOG's employed for Cruz to smear Mr. Trump online, I would think of a way to find a way to call in sick for awhile as the signs all appear to a reality that the tsunami has shifted and it is coming back with a greater and opposite force.

I commend Mr. Trump for the correct decision as an adult as these brats do require a thorough lesson.

I do have some advice for Cruz supporters or shall we say in Rush Limbaugh's 'trumpster' assaulters who think all that mockery was not going to have their entire house come down on them, you can not hide your NSA tracks on and off line, but I would have a revelation in posting how you have changed your mind and are now voting for Donald Trump. If you are some twat delegate, there is not much you can do to cancel your trip back to India, but for the normal boogers drunk on Cruz kookaid, you might be able to fake it enough not to have some agency investigating you and taking all of your toys.

I am sort of picturing Mark Levin deported for prosecution to Egypt as the thought that Obama rapine was just the thing.......and I am sure we could find a nice cell in some Muslim land for Mormon Beck.....because you have to remember my children and my brats, that Reince Priebus is going to cop a plea and there the lower pond scum is going to be offered up for the system to crush.

Maybe Matt Walsh will get his Patagonia passport yet, and be a nice burro for little German Nazi children to ride around on as the gaucho rides around on his wife, because it is going to dawn on people who have had their lives threatened by this Bush Cruz Gestapo, that it is not possible for such a vile cancer to not be cauterized from the body politic.

Something has changed. Someone has changed it.......and no one has pointed this out to you, save this blog again in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter., again.

Yes Mancock, it is time.

TRUMP 2016