Thursday, April 14, 2016

Traitor Rina Shah Bharara

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I have mentioned that when my Grandfather came to this country as a child, he literally had to swear a signed oath, that he renounced all affinity and submission to the Kaiser of Germany, and this is something every immigrant was forced to do and gladly did.

In a Rinah Shah Bharara though of India, we have the antithesis of America and the Reince Priebus and Ted Cruz idea of Big 3rd World invader America, as the Gateway Pundit rightly put it:

Today on the Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Rina said she may vote for Hillary in November because she knows where Hillary stands.
So these kooks are allowed to be delegates but Trump supporters are blocked from the convention!

Rina Bharara from DC says she will support Hillary over Trump.
And she’s damn proud of it.
What a joke.

Yes Republican Donald Trump delegates are blocked from the convention and voting, for supporting a Republican, who Reince Priebus, another born in the jungle offspring, as it was exclusively exposed on the Lame Cherry, that Priebus' mother was African in Muslim Sudan, worked at the US embassy and somehow got hooked up with his "dad" who was in the Army, when such things were about court martial offenses, so is it any wonder that Priebus the guy paying off Ted Cruz whores  to keep their mouths shut, has no problem with someone who does not have the decency to take on an American Christian name like Rita Smith Brown, but instead goes all jungle, and then announces she is going to the Cleveland GOP Convention to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Seriously @RinaShahBharara - $X

This Hillary Clinton Huma excrement should be thrown off the delegate group, replaced with a non traitor American, and then charged with defrauding the Republican Party.

She is the literal Marco Rubio voter and only the devil knows if the kid she just had was Rubio's or if she was one of Rubio's conquests when he was not being queer in a gay dancing line.

This trash needs to be removed from the GOP and deported to her heritage, as my family did not bleed and die for shit like this, so she could plant her ass in America and destroy the Republican Party. All of this requires stating as the GOPliters chose all this shit and it is not American, and needs to be flushed back to the cesspool with all the other Obama, Cruz and Rubio turd invaders seeking to genocide America black and white.

Traitress Rina Shah Bharara

Traitor Rina Shah Bharara

Treacherous Rina Shah Bharara

Deport this traitor. Deport her spawn. Deport anything that ejaculated into her. Deport whatever made her and deport her boogers and her shit, and dump it all back into that black hole of India.