Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Neo Cruz Fraudette

Stephanie Cegielski

Another Cruz lovely, like the lovely Heidi Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is pitiful to watch the Cruz boogers, digging around in the Cruz nostrils for any hope for this fraud from Canada in Ted Cruz, as Red State Erick Erickson, so naturally Right Wing News in this skirt named Teresa Monroe Hamilton, are reposting "an open letter" from a former fringe Trump campaign employee which is based on fraud as Snopes reported.

Stephanie Cegielski was never a major strategist or any type of strategist in the Trump campaign, but she begins her rant with something absolutely unconfirmed that Mr. Trump only wanted to be a protest vote, and to this Erick Erickson has done an Amanda Carpenter of Ben Carson leaving the race in Iowa, that Mr. Trump is in an exit strategy.

Ah for a review. Donald Trump is winning. Donald Trump has the most voters. Donald Trump has the most delegates. Donald Trump has the most support.

For the record, Ted Cruz is losing, except for cheating. Ted Cruz will be delegate DOA in a few weeks. Ted Cruz has zero chance of gaining the GOP nomination as Cruz does for "husband of the year award".

So what is the Truth on this Stephanie Cegielski, and as Teresa Monroe Hamilton and Erick Erickson can not apparently do an internet search, read a Yahoo news story or actually comprehend an official Trump Campaign statement on this Ted Cruz lie:

Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, told Yahoo News that Cegielski was never employed by Donald Trump's presidential campaign:
 Evidently she worked for a Super PAC which Mr. Trump disavowed and requested the closure of via the FEC.
The "Make America Great Again" super PAC went dark as of October 2015 amid ongoing scrutiny of where the money was coming from and going to, and whether the committee had direct ties to the Trump campaign.

So what we have is someone who never worked for the Trump Campaign or Donald Trump, but did work for a SuperPac which Donald Trump disavowed and demanded it stop associating itself with Mr. Trump and his which the SuperPac ceased last year.

It is reasonable to conclude that Stephanie Cegielski never met with Donald Trump or the campaign genius in Corey Lewandowski, who has been targeted by more Cruz political assassination. Yet for all the success Mr. Lewandowski has generated, we are told by Red State that Mr. Lewandowski managing the successful strategy of Donald Trump is "evidence" that Donald Trump never was in the race.
That old lie is the one we were being told for months that Donald Trump was getting out, and yet Donald Trump stays in and keeps winning.

What comes next for Right Wing News and Erick Erickson? The cousin of the mother of the vet of the janitor of the airline where Donald Trump's jet once flew over, will write an open letter to Donald Trump in this was all the janitor's idea for Mr. Trump to run for office as Mr. Trump saw the plan in a wrinkled up garbage bin from 5 miles in the sky?

My open letter to Erick Erickson and Teresa Monroe Hamilton, the Cruz boogers is two words:


If that is too complicated for booger minds, that is MORON.

If you review the Twitter posts of Stephanie Cegielski, you start noting a pattern in she repeats the same talking points that Rush Limbaugh and Erick Erickson spew out in the GOPliter talking points of attacks on Donald Trump.

I am more interested in who is funding her new career as a Cruz Pixie, sounding like everything Cruz in lying about what she was and is now.

Apparently she writes lots of open letters.