Monday, April 4, 2016

John Kasich says AHHH

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John Kasich seems to have a one track mind, in noting he rose from his meager beginnings, because his dad was good at making special deliveries, but somehow John Kasich seems to have forgotten his special beginnings in one of his great tutors and mentors.

See Barack Hussein Obama was not the only one who had an Uncle Frank Marshall Davis or a Bill Ayers, because John Kasich had a mentor where he learned all sorts of things for his political rise to power, but you never hear about that. This then is the John Kasich story, beyond why he is surrounded by sodomite racicals in his campaign and why it all started with John Kasich making a move for the homosexual vote, when such a thing was still and abomination not to just God, but America.

Donald Edgar Lukens.

Buz Lukens 101st Congress 1989.jpg

Now do not tell me you do not know how Don Ed is. Sure you do. Maybe if I called him Buz, you might know him.
Nothing yet?
Well, let's pull up a bar stool and have a little chat here between friends.

See John Kasich had a plan to be a political asset. He wrote a letter at Ohio State University expressing his "concerns over America" as a Freshman, and you know how it is common events, every kid in college writing a manifesto, hands it over to the OSU President, Novice Gail Fawcett, and he personally delivers it (I know that name sounds like a woman) to President Richard Nixon, who then gives young John a 20 minute private meeting.
Yes that happens all the time now does it not.

By 1975, Kasich was a textbook politician in a hurry.
He set aside plans for law school and landed at the Statehouse, as an aide to Donald “Buz” Lukens, a state senator from Middletown. Lukens later served with Kasich in Congress, before scandal and a guy by the name of John Boehner chased him from office.

So young John boy was on a rapid rise, as......well he ended up with Butts Lukens. Sorry that is Buz to his friends, and the voting public in Ohio just called him State Senator, Donald Buz Lukens.
John Kasich though just called him "boss".

Some other people called him other things, like "daddy", you know how children pose with daddy meme's for Ted Cruz photos. It seems that as Buz Lukens rose in power to the US House of Representatives, that he sort of thought he "deserved a break today" and showed up at McDonalds to meet with Anna Coffman.
No harm in meeting Mrs. Coffman, but it was sort of recorded by an Ohio television station, and the conversation was about Mrs. Coffman's daughter named Rosie, who was then 16 years old, and Lukens had paid the girl 40 dollars and gifts for sex.

Yes even in Ohio that was a crime, but only a misdemeanor. The thing is some additional things started coming out about Buz Lukens, which the Ohio courts wanted not any part of, and that was Lukens had been engaged with relations with this girl since she was 13 years old, and that is not the age of consent in Ohio.

Meanwhile, John Kasich had left his old protege in 1978 to embark on his own political career and was in the House of Representatives.

Lukens of course refused to resign, as his protege now was in the US House, but who do you think the GOP picked to replace Lukens, but John Boehner. Yes you remember him right? The disgraced Speaker of the House who was just booted out of the GOP leadership by the rank and file.

The thing is Buz Lukens was not a man to go down without a fight. I mean as a convicted child molester, with your former protege in the House, John Kasich, why just give up? So Buz Luken did the only thing he could do in his last months in office, in he attacked a Capitol Hill elevator operator and groped her.
This sexual assault was taken notice of as he was sentenced to 30 days in prison, ordered to see a psychologist and ordered to be tested for venereal disease.

That perhaps needs a translation in, one catches sex diseases by being a frequent customer of know like Ted Cruz........and apparently the courts thought Lukens was crazy from VD affecting his brain.

Never mind about that, as Lukens was out of prison in 9 days, but in 1995, he was convicted in taking a 15,000 dollar bribe in the House Banking Scandal, and as money is more important the being a pedophile as a crime, Lukens was sentenced to 2 and half years in prison.

So you might figure out in the Kasich epic rise to power, in talking of special deliveries made by his dad, that he somehow forgets about the special deliveries of his mentor to little girls in and out of Congress......along with jail time.

Probably why all that Ohio vote fraud came so easy to John Kasich, how his mind sort of is bi polar in savaging Donald Trump for months, and then telling everyone what a saintly person John Kasich is......with all those homosexuals dripping off of him.

Now you know more about the real John Kasich, but like in all things of these epic rising career politicians, their Larry Sinclair and Obama moments, and Ted Cruz with DC Madam moments just seem to not matter, because this is how the cartel blackmails all these politicians to keep them in line....or is that keep them bending at the waste.

John Kasich saying AHHH.

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