Monday, April 11, 2016

The Cruz Crimes of the Century

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sincerely hope that Americans are paying attention after Rush Limbaugh today said a woman is asking to be raped by just being a woman......if your name is Donald Trump.

See that was the context of the Cruz apologist, Rush Limbaugh who was funneled money by the Cruz campaign as was Mark Levin in ad revenues, and provided Cruz with over 10 hours a day of free good publicity as all the other candidates were mocked like "trumpsters" and John Kasich for having a working class old man, as the Big Koch mic head told the world that just because the GOP secretly changed the rules in Colorado to NO VOTERS and only secret delegate meetings, it was Donald Trump's fault for being primary raped, because he didn't know it was going to happen, so that made it all legal.

That is typical for this Cruz and Clinton GOPliter group, in they simply commit crimes, and then claim ignorance or blame the other candidate for not realizing that Amanda Carpenter would of course use CNN to lynch Ben Carson in that sort of criminal misbehavior should be expected.

I honestly was curious how Rush Limbaugh was going to handle another Cruz crime so blatant, after he came on air and told the world that New Yorkers really like being bitch slapped by Ted Cruz, as they like it.
Makes one wonder if the real reason Rush Limbaugh had 4 divorces is his wives never figured out that getting one across the kisser was something they liked, as Rush had his wifebeater on and was jacking off to photos of Paul Newman.

Seriously who in their right Western mind would ever think that in America, they would have elections where only a few delegates, never elected by the people, would be voting in complete unison for Ted every little Western state in America. Colorado is not the first time Ted Cruz and Riense Preibus pulled this as it happened in Wyoming too.

The thing which is being overlooked in this is this was not something which Ted Cruz pulled out of his ass. This was something he inherited and this all started when a deal was made with Jeb Bush, and after that Trump landslides in Wisconsin became Cruz landslides, and more to the point, Colorado became the revival of Red Square in the Kremlin.
What I am trying to tell you in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter is, THIS IS THE JEB BUSH plot to steal the election for himself which was worked out from day one, and has now been initiated into the Cruz campaign to steal elections.

If it had not been for Donald Trump, driving Bush out of the race, you would have seen Jeb vote flip a number of states, balkanize others, and literally as this was planned out in August of 2015, Jeb would have been awarded all of the delegates in Colorado at this key juncture of the cliffhanger.

This is how they knew from Karl Rove numbering of the delegates, exactly to the delegate who would be blackmailed, bought, menaced and put on leash. This is how they knew to predict Donald Trump would fall short of 1237 delegates, because that is what Jeb Bush's plot originally was.
The Trump vote was to be split. Kasich, Graham, Cruz, Rubio were to pull off like Huckabee key states, as Bush kept gaining the lead. There were to be kill shots in Kansas, Maine, Wisconsin and Colorado, as Bush took Florida, and then "election over" as the last big states of New York, Pennsylvania and California fell through attrition.

What you are witnessing is the criminal electioneering of the GOP primaries and you were not supposed to notice this, but only noticed any of this because Donald Trump was in the race.

I fully believe at this moment, that Riense Preibus' marching orders are simple. Deflect with this idiot Paul Ryan doing chopper stunts, and steal this at the convention with the "great healer" of Jeb Bush as Vice President.
Seriously, with Jeb as VP, I figure Cruz will not make it past November 22nd, 2019 and Jeb Bush will be sworn in as President.

I have visions of Andy Dean behind the Golden EIB microphone, with Rush being asked his opinion with Mr. Dean then having Mark Levin say, "Get out of here you dumby".
I think Michael Savage would be a good replacment for Mark Levin......who could be relegated to saying things like, "Mr. Savage, Sir, you are so brilliant Sir".

It interests me how secure all of these criminal traitors are, in thinking things will remain in the status quo after all of their political rape. I really do not care how long this takes, if I have to wait until Mr. Putin invades America and lines up Rush Limbaugh before a firing squad. There is going to be a God given reckoning, which will be legal and no vigilantism, because the tides of battle turn, and one day it will be a reality of millions of American and Europeans, seeing that thin blue police state line vanish, and will then find out what it is like to be humans who are really at liberty

It is pleasing that Rush Limbaugh is so self important that he does not think his contract can not be bought out, in thinking he is irreplaceable. 6 months and there are people who would have his saintly brother David damning him from the witness box.
You see what is this childish "trumpster" digs for the faction which employs the entertainer, is realized for the testing of the masses for what it is, by those who still adhere to the continuity of the system.

I hope you paid attention to the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that what Ted Cruz is implementing in the Jeb Bush programme and that Rush Limbaugh is giving cover to the crimes of the century.

 Perhaps I will write more of this......not about Limbaugh as the entertainer does not matter, but about what is.........let me just say that some one's information from their sources is like the dinosaur.

Ted Cruz Calls Drudge Report 'Attack Site for the Trump Campaign'

Oh a little Cruz anti Semitism for the Jew who will not come to heal.

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Mediaite3 hours ago
No could it be, another fraud Paul doing the bidding of the masters as the Paultards do not realize they were sold out what would Rand Paul be good for in the Jeb Bush regime?