Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nom de Deiu, it was not like he was American

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So Matt Drudge features his entire website for a whatever multi millionaire who had crappy songs that people with absolutely no taste in music liked.

Did I mention that he left African American, Denise Matthews to languish and die just a few months ago, a woman he drug to the sewers as Vanity, and left her life in ruin?

So his legend is a bit thin, but that is what Jesus Judgment Throne is for.

Prince- from a liberal to a conservative?

Forget religion-are fams more upset with Prince as of late because he has become a conservative. He used to be about sex, freedom, breaking rules, and God.

I think I remember Purple Rain. Think it was Apollonia Kotero in it. No one could act, but she has cow eyes and big tits, so I suppose a lot of little 1984 boys busted a nut jacking off to Purple Rain or while feeling up the greasy cheerleader hosebag out in front of her parents house as they were going at it watching the live porn through the picture window.

'Prince' Has Died | Crooks and Liars

A legend has died today and shattered the music world in the process. "Prince," was only 57 years old. When my friends and I saw his movie 'Purple Rain," in 1984, it ...

Prince was hardly a legend. I hardly doubt Wormwood on the horizon is worthy of the same Drudge siren for purple color least now I know what Matt Drudge was doing during Purple Rain, along with all of these other jam heads.

I only would have liked Prince to have met his maker being dragged through Minnesota streets by the 100,000 Somali terrorists there. It would have seemed more fitting than just spewing in an elevator, locked behind his ivory towers.

May the Minnesota sound machine die the death as I had an experience with them once and they are even more vile than LA.

Liver damage and congestive heart failure will do you in every time.

'Prince made me call him Messiah' | Daily Mail Online

'Prince made me call him Messiah' ... Charlene Friend alleges that the diminutive singer filmed her having sex with him ... I was also filmed having sex with Prince ...

I have had enough of this Ted Cruz tan skin christianity.

Nuff said