Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Cruz Delegarchs

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There has been a mystery in how Ted Cruz has been stealing delegates after the election of those delegates to other candidates, such as Donald Trump and John Kasich. My radar goes off when Rush Limbaugh tries to be clever in diverting attention from bribes to saying it was "Ted Cruz is selling himself to the delegates", as if that would make people sell their souls to him.

This is more than "schmoozing" or as Sean Homo Hannity was attempting with "wining and dining", as no one is going to sell their delegate vote for a steak dinner, no more than Rod Blagejovich was going to sell Obama's Senate seat for a cheap price.

It all comes down to Missouri, outside of St. Louis, in Wild Horse Township in connecting the dots to what is really taking place.

It centers around one Cruz operative, in this case a former Missouri Congressional leader, who hijacks a political meeting, strong-arms people less experienced off the slate, and loads it all up with Ted Cruz minions, who are not even from the area.

The Cruz boogers like to call this hustling, and so does Rush Hudson Limbaugh, but the problem with that is, if you hustle someone on the street, it is a con, and you end up in prison. This is not out-working anyone, and everyone knows it. It is about scamming trusting people like a shell game in the back alley.

You have to know the inner workings of political parties for this to make sense, as they are clever. Political parties are made up at your state level of two groups. Well-meaning rich people who are exploited by whoever you can think of as your nastiest creep in your county in having them think that they are close to the power, because the politicians send them cards telling them how important they are.
Second group are the sychophants, in a Lauren Batchelder or Amanda Carpenter type who get their pussies wet in getting off on this like driving in NASCAR.

This troupe all owes the party something. It is why Hillary Clinton can cheat Bernie Sanders out of delegates too.

So this is how it works for Ted Cruz. In Missouri, there was a former Speaker named Tim Jones who showed up in Wild Horse Township, even though he did not live there. You are bright enough to know that Tim Jones was contacted by Ted Cruz and not out of the goodness of either person's heart.
Cruz has an illegal strategy of flipping delegates, after election fraud, and then has his supporters who Cruz has promised "things" to as political graft. This happens all the time in someone like Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, an idiot Republican at the end of his career, wants more, so he supports Obama and Obama makes him Sec. of Defense, and then destroys him to reward another person.
Zell Miller delivered Georgia for George W. Bush, and Bush43 kicked him to the curb. That is the nature of what this criminal game is as Lincoln said, "Too many pigs for the tits", or Lincoln admitted in 1860 that he criminally leveraged thousands of key people from Republicans and Democrats to get himself the edge in a 3 way race to be installed as President.

So if you get that point, the Cruz people always quoting the fraud Lincoln who was a disaster for America, in getting the nomination with no delegates, that is what the Cruz boogers are confessing to in making promises to people for their votes.

Put this on your local level, because you know who has the party signs in their front yards or who appears in you newspapers meeting with your representatives. OK, this is Tim Jones of Missouri, a once powerful man, now looking like Hillary Clinton to hitch his skirt to another powerful man, and that man is Ted Cruz.

Jones is promised something as in probably some Ambassadorship or Under Secretary position in DC. Jones has cronies in Missouri who by the above example are willing to cross lines in stealing elections. Jones promises them things too in delivering for Ted Cruz. It is not in most cases direct bribes of money or immediate positions, but it is most likely ending up with memberships at country clubs, scholarships for the children, internships for the children and later positions at some federal agency.

Is a 65,000 dollar a year job at the EPA, with full medical, an expense account, not doing anything, a criminal bribe or is it just a thing of politics? Obama hired several million operatives to the regime in cushy jobs to pay them off. The Lame Cherry calls this criminal, because it is.

This is what is taking place in the Cruz second balloters. If you watch this, in the next 2 years, you are going to be witnessing in your counties all sorts of graft if Cruz somehow got into the White House. People will get payoffs, just like Hillary Clinton is going to pay off people and take care of them.

So in most cases does Ted Cruz show up with a wad of cash or does Heidi Cruz flash her tits at some delegates to wow them? Not in most cases. But what you have are the Cruz fellated travelers who are selling their support, and know people who will twist the law so it is not direct bribery, but it is a quid pro quo, of your ending up employing them, losing your job to them, or it is their kid getting a scholarship, while your kid is out at FU college with the Mexicans and Muslims.

You really think that Erick Erickson is doing this at Red State, because he loves America? He is coordinating with Cruz just like Beck and just like Levin. You do remember that Ed Schultz of talk radio and that DailyKos freak, both ending up with Obama time for supporting Obama?
Erick Erickson if Cruz succeeds in stealing, is going to have a front row seat at the Cruz bunker, asking questions like, "Ted Cruz why are you so wonderful", and Mark Levin will be phoning in for an hour long luv festering, as Glenn Beck gets to shit a few times in the Lincoln Bedroom potty. All of which, spikes audiences, which draws in sponsors, which makes Erickson, Levin and Beck even more millions.
So Ted Cruz does not come with the cash, and Heidi Cruz does not show her tits, but they both are bribing their stooges, and the money is coming from your pockets later, as this is a clever money and power laundering even your kid in school being second string while the Mayor's kid and the kid of the guy who donated to Cruz gets to start.

As you can see by the links below, no one across the political spectrum is pleased with this, because it is not fair or American. It is 3rd world, and the Truth in this is, this is criminal graft, bribery and corruption on national scale.

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... Ted Cruz's Family Ties To Lee ... Wild Horse township caucus in St. Louis County on April 9, former Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones brought a slate of Cruz ...

I will remind all of you, that Reince Priebus in reverse speech talked of Muslim terror money coming into the GOP to fund Cruz's efforts and now Saudi Arabia is blackmailing America over 9 11 in a bond dump......and there was that Washington Times squelching of the Ted Cruz adultery stories, which is owned by South Korean CIA assets, and Ted Cruz was busy voting in support of South Korea and antagonizing North Korea over American corporations as when he did not support the Import-Export Bank inclusion into TPP, which levels the playing field between taxed American businesses and currency manipulating foreigners like the Chinese.
So you see Ted Cruz has been at this for some time.........eating his own steak dinners with Sean Hannity and Mark Levin as they bought influence, and then Tedwardo turned around and laundered campaign ads to Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Levin in the millions of dollars. The crimes have always been there for Ted Cruz and his bribery and graft to the Delegarchs are part of the foreign bred Ted Cruz pattern.

If Ted Cruz was an American, he would be guilty of treason. As a foreigner, he is guilty of attempting to overthrow the government of these United States as an enemy agent, who looks more like his Castro fighting father, Rafael in being 3rd world communist in operation, like Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers were for Obama.

Those are realities and the undeniable facts.

The question each of you has to ask is do you really want these smarmy child molesters in your communities having direct access to the White House, making a prey of you, having stolen delegates in your communities, as the GOPliters are raping all of you and having the cops protect them.

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