Thursday, April 21, 2016

When the Heavens Quake

Editors Note: I think I am going to make this a singular post again as it might be important.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Once again, all of you e lint non donors get off of my site under the curse of Deuteronomy 28 and the Revelation of Jesus the Christ to St. John the Divine.

Now my children, today's lesson is Newtonian Science.

I realize most of you are shutting down and looking for the remote to see what is on television, but you might want to stay around to answer a question which you do not know, because the Lame Cherry does know all, and makes learning easy and fun, even if the answer is probably going to terrify numbers of you.

I have something which is greater in information than the intrigues of Reince Priebus and stolen GOP elections, and it all begins with something which every one of you has missed. Do not though be upset at this, because God has hidden this and those who probably know of it, are not about to release the information as it would cause a global meltdown.

What do I care about such things though as what difference does it make to me in millionaires with stock investments, sending bratty children on global junkets for ten thousand dollars and putting in a bigger swimming pool than the ocean size one they have.

Before I go on, GET OFF MY SITE YOU NON DONORS as this information is not for you and you would rather not know it.

Now back to Isaac Newton, the greatest Christian Scientific least of his age.

But first let us visit our age in you are aware right that in the past year that three massive earthquakes shattered Alaska, Japan and Ecuador right?

Do you remember what coincided with those quakes?

Probably not, and as I am your God provided cheat sheet, let me just answer this to make to go quicker so you can look intelligent later.

The answer is volcanic eruptions. Yes Alaska erupted. Japan erupted and Mexico erupted.

Cause and effect right? Yes cause and effect, the great Pacific plate in its ring of fire, which is more unstable for some reason, has shifted and the shift has been not just causing earthquakes, but volcanic associated activity.

Slow down before you move too fast though, as you will jump to the conclusion that the earthquakes are causing the volcanoes. Not in the least, and that is why you have the Lame Cherry knows all......oh and by the way this is another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive, not found anywhere first, as I live in the future.

Now I will ask you to think about this. The earth is having earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, not caldera type explosions, but eruptions with magma or the inner guts of the earth are bubbling out of the liquid center of earth.

Again, the plates moving are not causing this, in the earthquakes are not causing the magma to come up through the weak spots which you know as volcanoes.

Now what would cause this?

Global warming? Nopers as global warming is not even caused by global warming.

Stephen Hawking being too brainy? Nopers as a mind without Newton Christianity is dust in the wind.

Now that we have eliminated all the weighty scientific reasons for earthquakes and volcanoes, maybe we should proceed onto lighter subjects like making passes at girls who wear glasses.

Say you are a girl, they come with testicles now in this Godless Obama age, and just say you are a girl, and some guy grabs your arm, and before you shoot him in his testicles or some lesbian in her ovaries, what happens when someone grabs your arm and jerks you toward them?

Of course you go toward them.

Hmmm, and I suppose that the plates of your clothes might shift and the magma of your spit might erupt from your lips too.

Oh my, girls with glasses do have something in common with earthquakes and volcanoes when passes are made.

See is it not fun learning the Lame Cherry way? You now are thinking yourself so bright in this, that you have figured out that something is grabbing a hold of earth and causing the weakest plate on the Pacific mantle to shift and that thing that is out there, is pulling on that big iron core of earth, and .......oh wait, that shift in magma core is bulging and is causing the earthquakes due to magma movement, and when the rupture takes place, the magma starts becoming lava coming out of volcanoes, so everyone has been viewing this ass backwards or Hawking backwards again.

Some of you might be saying now,"Hey wait a minute, just what the hell is out there that is tugging on earth?"

Some of you might be becoming uneasy at the same time as this starts to dawn on you, that maybe something so big out there that you can not see, is starting to influence earth might not be such a good thing.

Maybe it could even have something to do with the sun going strangely quiet in projecting an influence of settling the sun for decades by passive g forces.....maybe, but the sun can take care of herself, the earth not so much.

In inquiry I am marking this at 240 degrees south 246 degrees in that south quadrant. That is where this object is on trajectory from.

Let us review this for a few moments, in something is obviously causing the iron core of earth to react. That reaction is stressing the weakest point in the mantle, and that magma is stressing the mantle and causing the plate to stress, causing earthquakes, and in the shattering of the volcanic stone plugs, new magma is erupting through these old fissures.

Something is out there.

I have written of the noteworthy Russian Jewish scientific mind who had coordinated ancient history with cataclysmic events of things like mile high tidal waves, continents displaced, global floods and all sorts of interesting phenomena, including the earth switching rotation. I have mentioned the hen and chicks, or a large body in space pulling debris or meteors, planetoids, asteroids and comets with it. This object would have contained in its trail the Biblical Wormwood. This object would also in passing cause eruptions on the sun which would scorch the earth.

I am simply going to remind all of the rich people who think themselves so saintly in never donating to this blog and thinking they are immune to curses, that this is your gotcha moment. You let your lovely investments and mansions save your pathetic souls from this.
I told you to stop reading from the start of this and I warned you, but you e lint just could not resist.

The reality as most people are now going into denial is that something is out there and earth is reacting to it. I make the window in the next few years. It depends on trajectory and effect. If this is the Revelation event, then it is going to be massive earthquakes in diverse places as in huge earthquakes. Obviously volcanic activity.......I  have not checked on calderas which is about super heated water and gases exploding the crust outward........we are certain of the "stars falling from the heavens", and one of the large objects defined as Bitterness in what it does to the waters strikes earth.
There are references in the Old Testament of I believe stars changing locations or is in the archives and I am too tired to track that down at this moment in what the Holy Ghost was posting here in the past year, but the main point is, this is designed by God to get every person's attention again.

The earth is reacting. Something is incoming and it is causing some steep problems already. I will give the skeptics, let's call them Rushters as he likes mocking Trump supporters as 'trumpsters", an out in this to go into denial, but in a projected window of 2 to 5 years, if this thing is already shifting earth in effect, on a scale of 100 times the lunar pull, this should make things most interesting as events should go on the uptick in the next years and make things most unpleasant.

My children, we will have to wait and see the signs in the sky as Christ foretold. I apparently have been chosen to point this hidden reality out that the earth is reacting to something out there.
Interestingly, the Holy Ghost today provided me with the Christ command in the "mountain be moved" and it would. So I assume it would be planet or star be moved too and it would. I though being poor and stressed out about things, and am not convinced that I would care to move Wormwood or anything else that would flush the sewage of humanity to the ocean sewers.
I do imagine that some nutters will in fright start conjuring about this and only make the situation worse, but what is that to me as it is to you. After all you might enjoy seeing people who are evil throwing their gold into the streets and being washed into the ocean to create an immense Texas sized island of cadavers that sharks could dine upon and little fishes could eat the eyes out of.

This is what winning looks like in the Lame Cherry matter anti matter. The evil people thought they were safe and such Cruz booger experts, and here comes something that is going to gnaw on their guts every day, as they go into denial, and then comes another sign and fate is coming to get them.

Do not worry about this my children as you have Christ, for you and yours. Just be good children and we shall see what happens, as things have to be posted and so much is left to do yet........and you know that only the threat of the grave is going to unlock those rusted shut vaults of the rich who have gathered in all of our labor by preying on us.

Is that a pin drop I just heard?

When the heavens quake
The earth will shake
For God's sake

...and no I can not change the Will of God, as I would never do that.

Nuff Said

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