Thursday, April 14, 2016

Proof the Bundy Patriots were not responsible for Government Employees not Appearing for Work

Regime stopping entry not the Bundy Patriots

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In investigating the published emails of the Oregon Governor, Kate Brown's office, a startling set of emails appears from Heidi Moawad and Lauren Holien, and it deals with the primary charge against Ammon Bundy and the other individual Patriots, and that is they are facing six years in prison for interfering with employees doing their jobs.

In the following emails, you can read that it was the regime out in Oregon who were telling their employees to not do their jobs, and nothing of the militia in the least. Furthermore, in other evidence,  the reality is when the protest on the Refuge took place, it was in an unoccupied building, with a key by the door, and the only federal employee there, was in fact on vacation.

It is logical to assume that Special Agent Gregory Bretzing emailed, texted or ordered the one employee at Malheur to stay off their job, just as the regime in Oregon was ordering their people to stay off their jobs.

This absolute destroys the entire federal charge, because it was not the Patriots interfering, but the regimes ordering employees not to show up for work, and the reality is EVERY person whether in law enforcement or other state employment, was never harmed in the least, and many of them were fed by the Patriots, so the employees of the regime could have been doing their jobs all along as the Patriots never did interfer.

The following emails prove the charges against the Bundy group concerning stopping employees from their jobs, to be generated by the regime, and not by the Patriots.

Nuff Said.

heidi moawad
Office of Governor Kate Brown
Public Safety Policy Advisor
900 Court St NE, Ste 160
Salem OR 97301
Assistant Samantha Klausen
(503) 378-5884
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Begin forwarded message:
 Laurie Holien <
 January 3, 2016 at 5:18:32 PM PST
 Laurie Holien <
 "General Stuart Stencel (
>, "Heidi Moawad
>, Stuckey Dave
>, Andrew PHELPS
>, Cory Grogan

Harney County Situation

Hello State Agency Directors and OERS Council Members,
OEM Director Andrew Phelps asked us to send the following message out
regarding the current situation in Harney County.

Dear State Partners,
We have received some inquiries from state agencies about the situation
in Harney County.
 State officials are working with local and federal
agencies to respond to the situation.

State employees should avoid the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge area
south of Burns for the next 24-36 hours.
 If further action is required after that time, we will update accordingly.
Per law enforcement's request, please avoid statements to the media to
avoid gratifying or aggrandizing the militia.

Laurie J. Holien
Deputy Director
Oregon Office of Emergency Management


 Wednesday, January 06, 2016 9:54 AM
 SIPP Craig A; PENNINGER Teresa B; DAVIS Steven A * Tech Center Manager; SMITH
Donald R; STRANDBERG Thomas M; HOLT Marilyn M; CLARK Ace W; ARNZEN Kevin L;
 GROVE Monte; MOORE Lucinda M * Luci; MATHER Paul R

 Law Enforcement Action in Burns Area

There is currently a large scale Law Enforcement action taking place in
the Burns area.

 In order to insure safety, we need to limit access to the
area for ODOT employees.
Until further notice please insure that all of your employees are aware of
the following direction:
No ODOT employees should travel on OR205.
No ODOT employee should plan or participate in activities in
Harney County.

For our ODOT employees that are duty stationed in the Burns area, they
may continue to perform their work duties in the area under the safety
protocols that they have already been briefed on.
Any exceptions to this directive must be approved by me.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and hopefully we can get
back to business as usual in the near future.

Paul D. Woodworth PE, LS
District 14 Manager
ODOT, Region 5
1390 SE 1st Ave.
Ontario, OR 97914
541-823-4015 (office)
541-709-7505 (cell)
541-889-6600 (fax)