Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Franklin Ass Mint

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The following is from a book which is available from It centers on a subject which most of you are too young to remember or is a fringe subject which you never had anyone link to anything which mattered to you, so it was always just a story of sex.

What happened though in Nebraska in the 1980's is what is behind the Obama collapse of 2008. It was a melding of George McGovern and Bob Kerrey democrats to the family of George HW Bush.

What you need to keep in mind as you read this series of articles is that Nebraska finance was deliberately overthrown and overtaken. What emerged was a homosexual ring, just like Karl Rove's billionaire Wall Street ring for the GOP Bushites.
The main focus of this was Franklin, a saving and loan, like all the savings and loans which became money laundering pits, which the Bush family in Marvin Bush I believe it was, ran one of them into the ground, stealing investor's money.

Franklin was "managed" by Larry King, a black sodomite from Omaha, who was involved in human traffic and sex with children according to the testimony. Larry King twice sang at the Republican Convention. His scheme was to take money from CD's AKA Certificate of Deposits, and simply spend it on GOP functions, cars, dope and whatever, until the IRS and FBI swooped in 4 days before HW Bush was elected president.

There are going to be graphic things in this series. I have left out the satanic cutting off of baby's heads to terrify the children, but the book is on archive and is all there for people to read.

This begins with the side of politics which you never hear of, but suspect is out there in all of these fundraisers and children appearing at them. At one of these events, Vice President George H. W. Bush appeared for a stroll through, as children littered the scene.

As a sidenote in this, former CIA Director William Colby knew of this sex ring and the powerful people behind it. He was later found floating in the river. He was not put down over Franklin, but inquiry points to one of the reasons was because of this human traffic in other venues which he had become aware of.

At the parties there are usually about thirty adults present, male & females, more white than black guests because according to Larry "blacks get ignorant when they drink and tighter with their money and whites spend more money when they're drunk." Also present were some prostitutes (ages unknown but not teenagers) and [illegible] ages 16-22, and Nelly and Kimberly-about twenty kids total. If a man was interested in a young lady he held out a folded $50 or $100 bill in front of them and whispered something in their ear. Then they went upstairs or to some other area of the house. Nelly and Kimberly said the prostitutes told them they gave half of the money they got to Larry King. Larry also gave some of the boys at these parties new cars. The sexual activity was not always behind closed doors or confined to the upstairs rooms, and sometimes involved more than two people. Couples engaged in sexual activity were same-sex as well as opposite sex

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 601-606).

Last year she (Nelly Patterson Webb) met V.P. George Bush and saw him again at one of the parties Larry gave while on a Washington, D.C. trip. At some of the parties there are just men (as was the case at the party George Bush attended)-older men and younger men in their early twenties. Nelly said she has seen sodomy committed at those parties. At other parties during Larry's trips, Larry had local prostitutes (in their 20's & 30's) there to entertain his male guests At these parties, Nelly said every guest had a bodyguard and she saw some of the men wearing guns. All guests had to produce a card which was run through a machine to verify the guest was, in fact, who they said they were. And then each guest was frisked down before entering the party.

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 621-628).

Nobody was indicted. Jarrett and Barbara Webb went free. And Larry King was invited back to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Republican National Convention in 1988, as he had done in 1984.

The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp (Kindle Locations 655-656).

This is the world of the power elite. This is that fringe which had dead bodies showing up for the Clintons, as it was too close to the Clinton structure. Now that you are sickened by the depravity, you can now walk on the internal workings of this entire machine.