Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The MOGs of Summer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is interesting to read Thomas Sowell perform like Harriet Tubman in some rich New Yorkers seeking to start a war with the South to break the Democratic Party in 1860, gave her a few railroad tickets, to ship some Southern property north and in the press call it the underground railroad.
After watching the fraud of the black who supposedly designed Washington DC which was a white man doing the work, to the Obama white script writers, I wonder who is phoning it in for Thomas Sowell or what he is Mark Levin cutting and pasting to look like he has a grasp like Dinesh D'Souza on America.

thomas sowell

After his diatribes against Donald Trump and his calling Trump supporters "Niggers" in Sowell speak, the above photo makes me conclude, this person looks to have Affirmative Action problems opening a book.

This is about the MOG's, the Minders of Government in how they fanned out after the Murder of LaVoy Finicum and Levin, Hannity and Limbaugh all kept mum as Ted Cruz told them to stand down to be shot and persecuted, and how  the MOG is all a part of daily life on the internet.

It is more than just Hillary Clinton sending them out to say what a hot lezbo she is to Muslim shiksas, but more to the reality that for every dozen MOG's, there is something more.

“Correct The Record will invest more than $1 million into Barrier Breakers 2016 activities, including the more than tripling of its digital operation to engage in online messaging both for Secretary Clinton and to push back against attackers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.”

See what you are seeing with Ted Cruz is MOGs but it is more than just paid trolls in  their Mark Levin underwear with sticky keyboard fingers as they surf porn and cum up with 'principled Ted Cruz talking points", it has to do that EVERY MOG group, has several operating platforms, but there is something which occurs before they ever tap a keyboard.

In response to this news, Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Mike Casca told The Daily Beast, “Our campaign and our vendors are not paying people to reply to anti-Bernie comments on social media.” He added, “Come on man, really?”
The Hillary campaign was also recently called out by The Intercept for deploying “astroturfers” into the media — people with ties to Clinton who act as experts and political commentators to promote her campaign without disclosing their ties to the candidate.

There is a talking point memo, which goes out to the principled Thomas Sowell, the principled Whoopie Goldberg, the principled Rush Limbaugh, the principled Joe Klein, and on several propaganda points, they all are coordinated to dovetail to the main Clinton or Cruz or Obama regime multiple point of the day to get the public to take one more step deeper into the grave.

See the operation is from the cartel, which sets up the intelligence network of Mockingbird and the nestlings to produce propaganda, and each facet feeds off of it and is fed, to generate buzz. The MOG's receive the emails on what to monitor, to say, and who to attack on comment sites to shut them up.
Yes if you are a big enough splash in this, your name ends up with the choke point coordinators and they shut you down at Facebook etc..., and leave you like Limbaugh callers, getting in one line, and Limbaugh filibusters for the next 15 minutes skewing what you never said.

This is what you have in store for you, a group of GOPliter hydras out there, who will be coordinating against Donald Trump. Limbaugh blurted that out today about the media, as he has been alerted to this to attempt to look intelligent in knowing things, but this is much more grande and that is why the Lame Cherry is here to explain this further beyond flat world.

You will witness a deluge of the worst Goebbels Muslim money can afford and that is the coordination. Yes there is always a stupid Matt Walsh being hung out to dry for the Trump voters to wear themselves out on........oh sorry to Matt Walsh as he thought he actually was doing work, when all he was, was a bleed point, so the other flaming fags could have the easy job in doing the actual yellow journalism.

This is what is behind the comments you have been reading, pro Cruz and pro Clinton. They are MOG's like all this other Homeland keyboard prompts. You are reading paid typers, with scripts, and they know what is going to be written and posted, in what their assignments are to spin cycle every 24 hours. Most of the sites are going to cleanse your clever rebuttals, so it will just be Zuckerberg censorship utopia.

Conservative Treehouse found their groove, and then the MOGs got onto that site, and the Sundance group had it ruin them. If you can not disrupt, then you post disinformation to destroy trust on the site. It is all simple and people are being employed in this to destroy America.
This is criminal even if Obama employs it in his meetings, as much as Limbaugh and as much as Jeb Bush with his Lauren Batchelder, because it is a fraud and a non disclosure in those posting are not real, they are instead of hub of one with many online spokes, running through their notes.

It is a good thing for people to comment about MOG's and call them out, as it neutralizes their operations.

All of this has to be prosecuted, as much as the Cruz graft of Limbaugh and Levin, and the rants of Murdoch's Wall Street Journal house Nigs in how much they have colluded against America, and in this case it as against Nationalist Donald Trump and Communist Bernie Sanders.

Pay attention and stop watching the girl.