Monday, April 25, 2016

The Obama Predatory Bubble

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to explain something in the liberal terror governor of Minnesota in Mark Dayton, implementing the Obama regime plan of importing terrorists and championed by Amnesty Cruz, Clinton, Rubio and Sanders, that this is the US chamber of commerce in action in creating a Hank Paulson of Goldman Sachs (and Heidi Cruz) the second George W. Bush housing bubble.

You have to get this in what this is about, because it is about you being robbed  legally and this is how it is accomplished.......and most of you know this, because you have a mortgage on your house too.

First you have the bank, which has a property from the real estate company listing. The realtor gets a closing fee cut on the price of the house.........the county and city gets cuts in taxes and costs.........and then there are the inspectors getting paid in proving the house is sound.

Then it is the regime involved in FHA loans of some type, which now have built in insurance costs for floods, so you are lining those people's pockets too.

Oooppppsss your banker always loves women, as they get a house and start tearing the hell out of it, as something needs remodeling and painting to make the nest a happy home, and that is more money as money is cheap and you might as well spend it as it just makes sense.

Then the regime starts whispering about, grants and loans if you just would weatherize your love nest, and more money is flowing out.........and you know Muslim and Jesuit invaders bring nothing with them but their terror cards, so the Craigslist and second hand shops see more cash flowing out for this happy in debt house.........making more babies and bombs that taxpayers are footing the bill for.

Here is the beauty of this deal though which Obama knows, in the bank "loan" is federally backed by HARP or FHA or who knows, and they are giving them away for 3% down to people who will never be able to make after all this borrowed money which you are  responsible for goes into the conglomerate banking structure, all of the feeders making money off of this from realtors to city offices stamping all goes bust.

The bank though and everyone else keeps the money, and the bank keeps the house, just like in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord..........and  you get more Obama 20 trillion more in debt.

See terrorism is a money train. Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, Jews for whatever get a per head bounty. The places that hire them pay less, so get more profits. Politicians get more fake votes to tally, and all of your Walmart stores get all of that welfare poverty payments to increase sales.
Terrorism is big business in the west, and it is the greatest money laundering scheme ...well outside cancer care, education, defense.......put it this way, terrorism is a money maker up there with the big leagues and that is why this bubble was created again deliberately.

Now that you have that short course in understanding...........just remember it when this mysterious bubble bursts again, and Paul Ryan gives whoever another billion dollars or trillion dollars to loot Americans to double dip cover all of this up.......and you are told what a surprise it was and nothing could be done about it..........again.