Wednesday, April 20, 2016

There is no Tubman in American

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in in matter anti matter.

Obama moves to change $5, $10 and $20 bills...

One of the first things President Donald Trump is going to have to deal with is image Obama's historical genocide against Americans from returning the name of Mt. McKinley of America's assassinated President, to the washing the American currency of Harriet Tubman out of existence.

Apparently Americans need a refresher course in American things as this all has degraded since Martin King was plastered on an American Holiday.

See an honor of American stamps, American holiday, American currency was for the reason that this person benefited ALL Americans, and not just a segment fetish to appeal to some Obama mind.

Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill, was a national hero. The man who defeated the Creek Confederacy, defeated the British at New Orleans, was a State champion rights and one of the best Democratic Presidents ever.

Harriet Tubman was an Afroid, working for freeing blacks in a  European abolitionist scheme which got over 500,000 Americans killed and Abraham Lincoln murdered.

If this is the case then Ho Chi Minh from North Vietnam and Ossama bin Laden belong on the 50 and 100 dollar bills, as they got piles of Americans killed too.

There are  rules in this. Americans belong on national currency.

The fact is Harriet Tubman was not an American, She was absolutely no different than any Muslim invader under Obama invading America. She was property of the State of Maryland and invaded Pennsylvania. She then engaged in acts of terrorism against all of the united States of the South and placed these non American invaders in the united States of the North.

This is basically what Birther Obama was. A brothel produced foreigner, who fled America for Indonesia and then smuggled himself to America to invade Hawaii as a foreign agent.

image Obama  in pure racism has genocided the image of Republican Abraham Lincoln who saved the Union, Federalist Alexander Hamilton who birthed the Union and Democrat Andrew Jackson who saved America from British invasion.

The Lame Cherry is not going to be buffaloed by this "reward another darkie" for just showing up as Obama has been to the utter ruin of America.

Harriet Tubman should have been shipped with all her kind down to Panama to dig that French canal, that President Abraham Lincoln was going to deal with this emancipated property as it never was American, and the only use for this ignorant ilk, was manual labor in the malaria jungles of Latin America.

As an American of the Continentalist Party I resist this desecration of America. I will have Mt. McKinley back. I will have the currency back. I will have the White House back, I will have American holidays back and I will have this image Obama deported with his tribe out of these United States along with all of his ilk.

One might as well put a goddamn mule on the 20 dollar bill, as a mule at least did something for America and fighting for America.

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