Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trump Campaign Confirms Lame Cherry Numbers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Some popular girl posted something on Tuesday night about Donald Trump winning 1390 delegates.

This number is 550 delegates which should go to Donald Trump. I will remind you of the Cruz Priebus McConnell fraud though, but on these numbers, even given worse case scenario of Mr. Trump having not all the delegates in the states, in fact losing some outright, Donald Trump should arrive with 1390 delegates.

The Washington Post posted on Wednesday a leaked Trump campaign memo of the Mancock stating that the campaign would win 1400 delegates.

Donald Trump's Campaign Predicts 1,400 Delegates--and No ...

In an memo circulated around Donald Trump's campaign, advisors predicted that Trump would have 1,400 delegates by July's Republican National Convention.
I must admit that I am not in contact with the Trump campaign, nor have a mole inside the the campaign, or any campaign for that matter, as this is just God's gift in being proven right again, right on time, before anyone else like........Spanky or is that Roseparella over at Conservative Treehouse........what was their name, oh yeah Sundance.......yes another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I though will admit I was wrong in deference to Mancock in his 1400 and my 1390, and I only invested three minutes adding up the numbers in being Inspired and not weeks.

The main point in this is Ted Cruz had been exposed for the liar, cheater and thiever he is. The people supporting him have been manipulated and in their vulnerability been emotionally raped. It is time for foreign bred Tedward to let those people go, and stop giving them pipe dreams by his trying to destroy them, the Republican party and Mr. Trump.

Votes for Ted Cruz are a complete waste of voting. Tedwardo ordered John Kasich out of the primaries when Kasich was gays up in not having a chance, and now the reality is Ted Cruz is no longer viable, never was eligible and has only been the worst snake oil salesman taking advantage of gullible e programmed voters.

Donald Trump is the only American for President and the RNC Chairmen now accept that reality.

TRUMP 2016