Monday, May 9, 2016

America is not a Litmus Test

 Erick Erickson: The talk jock behind the RedState Gathering | www.ajc ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In observing Erick Erickson it takes one historically back to Joseph Goebbels and linking of chosen races and litmus tests, and profoundly Erick Erickson exhibits the same dogma in Americans are only Conservative on the Cruz litmus test, and Americans are only worthy to be on an Erickson stage if they are not Black like Ben Carson, so it is excuse making by Erickson  when Amanda Carpenter lynches Ben Carson for Ted Cruz election fraud in Iowa.

Now Erick Erickson is hiding behind the data or propaganda of select polling which remarkably has been proven wrong with constant Donald Trump wins, where there was not vote fraud by Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich.

That is what Erick Erickson racism is. It is clever as Bill Clinton's "Bright Boy" about Obama, and it is as ruthless of Ted Cruz telling LaVoy Finiucm to stand down in Oregon, and having Mr. Finicum murdered, so Hillary Clinton donors can steal mineral rights in Oregon worth over 50  trillion dollars.

See you have to understand Erick Erickson Fascism, because it is not noble like Adolf Hilter or Joseph Goebbels in standing against communist extremism, trying to genocide Germans, for the British domination of the world. No Erick Erickon's Fascism is being wed to electing Hillary Clinton, destroying all who do not pass the racial identity test of Ted Cruz 'conservativism' and sabotaging Donald Trump with every propaganda means available, so it will be one of the ERIYANS, the Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck,  Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz, Matt Walsh group of very well paid propagandists who have hijacked the Republican party and have been standing by as Dennis Hastert has been raping little children and Bush fam has been destroying Conservatives like George Allen, Norm Coleman etc... so only the Bush fam "conservatives" who are all liberals like Paul Ryan can implement Obama genocide policy against Americans.

Bill Buckley decided in the 1960's to take on the John Birchers to rid the GOP of them, when they have been proven right about everything. It is time that these GOPliters of Erick Erickson racism be removed from the Republican party and join the racism of Hillary Clinton, who has been nothing but a Rockefeller Patrician minder of Bill Clinton his entire life as he was groomed for the White House.

Erick Erickson does not speak for Conservatives or for the GOP. Erickson speaks for the conglomerate oligarchs which fund him and economically rape us, and shoot us down like Blacks in Chicago or LaVoy Finicum in Oregon. It is time to rid the party of Reagan of this ilk and let it be known with it's racism, litmus tests and hatred, that such treachery will not stand. 

One day it is Lyin' Ted Cruz rejected from civilized America, and now it is Lyin' Erick Erickson who is rejected from civilized America.

I warned you days ago that is what these little shits were up to.