Friday, May 13, 2016

Amputating Mr. Peepers

This is an update about Mr. Peepers the chicken rooster who almost died and his feet froze off.

I do not know how long it has been, maybe 7 weeks, but Mr. Peepers feet finally fell off.  God amputated them really good, and now he has two stumps and is more active than ever.
If he would stop pecking on them, it would be bloody wonderful as they are indeed sealed, but his pecking makes them bleed.

He has decided now that the porch is not his home, and gets up in the morning out of his box, starts crowing as he enters the kitchen and then like pegleg the pirate, I hear him coming toward the bedroom, giving a little chuckle as he enters, and then off he goes to roost under the bed.

Sleeping is then impossible as he is non stop doing things.

It is lovely to have him this spry and leaving a blood trail through the house.

I think he is the happiest chicken I have ever seen. He could have been this nice all last summer, but all he did was run like a raped ape, and then he froze his feet off in being wild from other chickens pecking at him, and in the end.....he is now docile, likes attention, eats crumbs off the table and is currently sleeping under the bed.....which I will have to go find a way to dig him out of, as I told him to come out earlier, but he does not mind at all.

I have never had parrot-like birds, but I think a chicken would be better, as Mr. Peepers is not annoying in the least. He talks, he joins in, he does not get onto things.....picked a plant of Mom's, and that was it. If he could poo in one location, he would be perfect.
I figure we are stuck with him, as the other chickens would kill him or the predators would. I don't mind as his feathers are almost frizzen now in he is quite the handsome boy and knows it.
He is better than a dog or a cat or a stuffed animal. He is like a fish without the smelly bowl to clean out. He requires no attention and is happy to just be around us.

It is a good lesson in God amputates things very well by killing off the tissues and sealing things up. Quite amazing knowledge to experience and a vet could not have done better and I did not want to do it at all. I suspect one of his feet is mummified somewhere under the bed. I do not know if I will find it or wait for the big donation and then get a puppy, like some kind of I am sure a puppy would love to find a mummified chicken foot and chew on it, more than I would like going in search of it.

That is the Mr. Peepers update, the chicken star of the Lame Cherry blog.

PS: As an update, Mr. Peepers now walks around on his stump feet quite well. His bleeding has stopped, and he is quite content in his day begins about 8 AM as he crows, gets out of his box, walking from the porch to the bedroom and remains there most days until 4 PM, where he then comes out and visits, where he is then fed at 6 PM and put back into his box.


Additional Note: We went to do errands and Mr. Peepers appeared fine, but when we came home, he had died. Like all of our murdered pets, he will be in the Heaven to come as he is a good chicken.
TL gave him 6 more months than he would have had.